What is the anywhere office model and why is it appealing?


Nowadays, the work models have changed and new types have emerged. Types which we could never have imagined would one day become reality. An example of this is what we’ll talk about right now: what is the anywhere office model? You’ll understand why this model has become so interesting for professionals and companies.

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To begin with, what is the anywhere office model?

The literal meaning of anywhere office and its definition are the same. In other words: it’s a work model which you can work from wherever you are, allowing you to live your dream of exploring this giant world while there’s money in your account.

Company employees and self-employed professionals are able to work like this. As long as the employer has adapted to this new model, providing flexibility for its employees.

Or that your activity as a worker can also be done at distance, wherever you are.

Therefore, when we ask what the anywhere office model is, the answer is very clear: it is the fulfillment of working wherever we want!

Why has the anywhere office model become a trend?

Going back to 2019, companies were appling hybrid work and home office models to their employers.

But, it was in 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic that companies were forced to be flexible, making the distance model essential to guarantee everyone’s safety.

In sequence, they had to adjust their systems. Leaders also need to learn to coordinate their teams from a distance. Then everything started to flow.

Thus, living this experience, companies realized something important: professionals at home generate less costs for them, they earn more – most of the time -, are happier and, consequently, increase profits.

And if this was the reality in a chaotic pandemic scenario, why not continue like that now that things have calmed down? So, with that in mind, many companies maintained the remote work model, enabling the anywhere office.

Professionals want to work from wherever they are

Some surveys found out that most of the workers prefer hybrid models. Like the one released by the Estado de Minas newspaper reported that remote work is the ideal model for 49% of Brazilians. As a result, they even discard job offers if they don’t have the flexibility they want.

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And companies only gain from this decision. They can hire people from all over the world and can compose a much more engaged and motivated team to work and give their best.

For professionals, working remotely allows them to travel the world. Performing their duties in coffee shops, hotels or literally anywhere they want to be.

However, it is important to say: the anywhere office model is not a vacation and it is necessary to have a routine to make this lifestyle work.

  • You must have a wake-up time
  • It is essential to have a schedule for working and enjoying your destination
  • It is essential to have a financial plan so as not to spend more on the trip than you earn.

So when you understand now what the anywhere office model is, you also understand that it is the 2.0 way of working!

For me, this lifestyle is perfect, so I ask: do you think it would also work for you? Leave your answer in the comments.

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