Let’s talk about The World in Sandwiches?

The wolrd in sandwich

When reading the name ‘The World in Sandwiches’, what comes to mind?

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I imagine you think about travel, gastronomy… but maybe you have no idea about the immensity of this project, am I right?

With that in mind, I decided to make a momentary stop on content about travel, curiosities and digital nomadism to talk a little about the greater purpose of the dream that gave life to my project.

So, I’ll tell you in the following lines what ‘The World in Sandwiches‘ is, so you can keep following my journey and understand the reason for everything you see here.

rodrigo schmiegelow
Rodrigo Schmiegelow in The World in Sandwiches

Stay here with me to get to know a little more about this story.

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Traveling around Brazil by bicycle?

Going back to my youth, when I was around 15 years old, a friend and I dreamed of explore Brazil by bicycle. But, in fact, this desire was much more mine than his, and like a good friend, he dreamed with me.

The years went by, and I was always looking for more motivation to be able to travel, something that really made sense.

Then I realized that my desire was to explore the world by going far beyond tourist attractions, and this came to the main idea of ​​‘The World in Sandwiches’: knowing details of a culture, its people, through cuisine.

I really believe that the dishes of a region bring us closer to many things that are there. From the people there, the culture behind each ingredient and much, much more.

As I always enjoyed meeting people, getting closer to food was something that brought together important pillars, which gave birth to ‘The World in Sandwiches‘ and has been a giant achievement in my journey.

The World in Sandwiches’ and digital nomadism

There is something essential, which I also really like, that became part of the project: my motorcycle. It is by it that I get to the destinations and have the opportunity to experience everything I set out to do.

And after I discovered the vehicle, the second step was to understand how I could make this project viable, being in different cities, states and countries, all the time.

So, I found my answer in digital nomadism. The possibility of working wherever I am made ​​‘The World in Sandwiches‘ possible and that’s how I went to my first destinations and lived the experiences that I’ve been sharing with you here.

That’s how I became a digital nomad, and found an activity that I could do wherever I am and, in that way, make it all work.

What have I learned so far?

One thing is for sure: what makes each experience unique are the people. I can go to a destination three times that, if I meet different people in each one of them, I will have three completely different experiences.

It was to talk about what I’ve learned in each place I went and where I will go, that I decided to create this blog.

Here, I have the opportunity to bring details of my experience, as well as subjects that may be important to you if you are also passionate about travel.

I’m not saying that, on a trip, visiting the tourist spots is not important! I’m showing that you can go much further than that.

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The World in Sandwiches: what lies ahead?

The answer is: a lot! To continue building experiences through ​​‘The World in Sandwiches‘, my next step is to explore Brazil, just as I dreamed of when I was 15.

I called this stage the Farofa Expedition, since there is no more Brazilian accompaniment than our beloved farofa (a toasted flour mixed with meat, eggs, so on).

I also decided that, in order to live the experiences more deeply, my stops will be a little longer.

And I’ll stop here, because soon you’ll check out details of this next stage of this project that bring twogether what I love most: cooking, travel and motorcycle.

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