5 steps to become a digital nomad


How to become a digital nomad: have you been asking this question and want to learn how to put into practice the dream of working and traveling at the same time? If the answer is yes, the content in the next  lines will be interesting for you.

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Check out this post and write down everything you need, because it’s up to you to embark on this lifestyle.

The life of the digital nomad

First of all, as we’ve talked about it a few times, to become a digital nomad, you basically have to love to travel and have a job that can only be done remotely. In other words, a job for you to work from wherever you are.

That way, all you need is a computer, camera or even a cell phone, plus internet access. So you can work while you’re at your destination.

In theory, it’s easy. But in practice, it doesn’t work that simple. In other words, you need to have financial resources that give you security during your journeys, a job or professional activity that is stable and works well and, of course, good planning.

When you have these three pillars setted, it becomes much simpler to adopt this lifestyle. So, in the next topics we will go deeper into the ways you can become a digital nomad.

1. Choose a professional activity that allows you to do it wherever you are

First, if you don’t have a job that can be performed exclusively remotely, you need to review your professional activity.

You can do this by trying to change your work routine or by embarking on a new journey in your career.

I’ll tell you in advance: my attempt didn’t work the first time. In 2019, I quit my job, got on my motorcycle and tried some possibilities that didn’t work out.

When the pandemic arrived in Brazil, I got my digital marketing clients, recorded my course about the same topic, And, little by little, I managed to structure myself to become a digital nomad safely.

2. Empower yourself to be really good at what you do

One of the ways for you to be professionally successful, especially if you’ve had to change jobs to become a digital nomad, is by investing in training.

Study hard, take good courses while you’re still at home and prepare yourself to perform your tasks with great excellence.

This care in learning will be decisive to maintain your income, especially if you are self-employed.

3. To become a digital nomad, organize your finances

Now that you’re all set to work wherever you are, it’s time to build a good nest egg so you can support yourself in case your earnings decrease while you’re at your destination.

One of the ways to do this, which I really recommend if you want to become a digital nomad, is learning to live with little and in a simple way.

Here I have a post that can help you get your financial life in order before putting your backpack on.

4. If you want to go abroad, study Spanish

Knowing how to speak Spanish or English is essential if you want to travel abroad on your journey as a digital nomad. By learning Spanish, you are able to visit multiple countries. Besides the fact of becoming more familiar with latin languages that are spoken around the whole world.

Of course, depending on your geographic location and future destination, it is possible to have other languages more interesting to learn. Therefore, it is always important to suit these tips to your lifestyle, a second language will be quite good for you.

It is important that you know how to get by. It will be by living and practicing the language that you will advance a lot in this learning process.

5. Set your first destination

Have you checked all these items? So, for you to finally become a digital nomad, all you need to do is plan your first destination.

Do a lot of research on where you’re going to stay, make sure you have a good internet connection, and talk to other digital nomads who’ve been to the same destination.

The exchange of experiences will be decisive for you to be prepared for this new journey. But does that avoid future problems? Of course! And it will be with the experiences that you will learn more and more about this lifestyle and that you will have great stories to tell.

Ready to become a digital nomad? So, my wish is that your new stage of life will be a real success.

See you in the next post!

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