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When we say the word travel, we already imagine a lot of dollar signs on top of it, and it would be ironic on my part to say that in the life of the digital nomad this is different. Just leaving the house to spend some time away, we already have basic costs, such as accommodation and food. But the good news is that, with a few tips, you can save money. So I’m going to share my experience with you to be a digital nomad spending money s small amount of money.

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Write them down and use them at your next destination. Have a great read!

One of the things that worries me most in this quest to be a digital nomad spending a small amount of money is that there is always a huge variation in prices from one neighborhood to another in the countries that are part of my route.

I’ve been increasingly aware that, even though I’m planning a trip very well, when I arrive at the destination, there are always unexpected situations, including with regard to financial costs.

So, as much as I do a lot of research, food and lodging expenses are totally related to the regions where we are located. And, as travelers, we ended up choosing more central locations to make life easier during this journey, which ends up being a little more expensive.

I really feel this difference between supermarkets, especially those small or express, which make our life easier, but charge a lot for it.

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Hosting is a important point to be a digital nomad spending a small amount of money

Apps like airbnb and booking help a lot to save us. That’s because, when we talk about stays, values ​​can vary a lot, and they show us the most affordable places. So the tip is:

  • Before closing the accommodation, check with the owner or reception if there is a discount for a long stay.
  • See if items such as parking, wi-fi, kitchen, among others are included in the package.
  • Prefer places that have, as mentioned in the previous item, available kitchen, because it will help you to be a digital nomad spending a small amount of money on food.

Finally, it is important to note that staying in a place far from everything, as it is cheaper, it is an economy that can be expensive. Prefer to be closer to supermarkets, pharmacies and the places you want to visit. You’ll remember this tip when you’re at your next destination 😉

Know how to spend amount of money on food

I’m passionate about gastronomy, so of course I’m already going to a destination eager to taste the typical dishes there. That’s why balance is so important!

Therefore, what I do is plan to mix the food that I make with the local stores.

For example: if I go to a restaurant that I know will be well served, I hope that the food I cooke is over so I can take a lunch box “home” and enjoy it the next day.

In supermarkets, you can see the items that are more affordable, and give preference to them. In Chile, for example, I switched from rice to potatoes.

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You can be a digital nomad spending a small amount of money, and for that an extra dose of imagination can be your great ally!

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