Traveling and working: 5 decisive tips

traveling and working

Traveling and working is no longer – just – a life goal for many people. With the consolidation of the home office and the expansion of the internet, this has become a way of life for many travelers.

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But, first of all, it takes focus and good planning to make this lifestyle work and, with that in mind, we are going to share with you 5 tips for traveling and working at the same time.

If these are your plans for the future, pay attention to this post. You will see that it is actually possible to explore the world and continue to dedicate yourself to a professional journey.

Enjoy the article!

The traveling and working lifestyle

When we talk about the traveling and working lifestyle, we are referring to the popular digital nomadism or anywhere office.

So you understand it better, currently more than 35 million people call themselves digital nomads, according to Fragomen’s Worldwide Immigration Trends Report .

And it wasn’t ‘out of nowhere’ that this model of life became popular. For a few years now, the internet has become increasingly reliable and stable and, likewise, companies have come to understand that the hybrid work or home office is good for everyone.

In other words, it combines business with pleasure, making it the perfect strategy for traveling and working wherever we are.

But, life is not a bed of roses. It’s not that easy to make this work! However, based on my own experience, I will share with you some tips that really make a difference when it comes to becoming a digital nomad.

Be the protagonist of your plans

Where do you want to travel and how are you going to secure your income while on the road? Only you can answer these questions!

That means, be the protagonist of your plans and highlight what your goals are. I, for example, decided to travel Brazil by motorcycle and put the Farofa Expedition in practice.

Get to know more about this project

But what about you… what do you want? Think about it before taking the next step!

You can’t get away from planning

Regardless of whether you are a company employee or self-employed, planning before traveling and working wherever you are is as must.

Your schedule will need to be very well organized to fulfill your activities and to have your leisure time. After all, you will need free time to enjoy your destination

5 steps to become a digital nomad

Financial planning is ESSENTIAL

Your living costs will be different while traveling and you may have more expenses than you would if you were at home.

For that reason, you will have to organize your finances a lot. Therefore, take advantage of this moment to practice detachment and to learn to live with little. Free yourself from habits that generate a lot of costs.

One thing I do while traveling, for example, is balance my meal costs: some days I choose to explore the local cuisine and other days I choose to cook. This is an example of a choice that helps control the budget.

Set boundaries

If you are going to travel and work at the same time, it is necessary to set limits both for the hours dedicated to the professional journey and for the hours that you are enjoying the destination.

Neither extremes are good, it can hinder your journey as a digital nomad.

Traveling and working: leave your comfort zone

To go for this digital nomad life, the first step is to take risks and face everything that lies ahead.

Leaving the comfort zone is essential or else the plans will never get off the paper.

So, did you like the tips?

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