Best family-friendly place in São Paulo

Traveling to São Paulo and getting worried about your kids not having fun? Don’t be! Get to know the best family-friendly place in São Paulo!!!

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I found a super fun family-friendly place in Tatuapé!

On a certain day, I agreed with my family to go bowling in Tatuapé, a very cool neighborhood in the city of São Paulo

This bowling alley is connected to an establishment called Arena Up Trampolim.

Arena Up Trampolim is a trampoline park with lots of foam pit cubes, basketball hoops, and so on. It is very interesting.

No matter your age, you can have fun there, but it is recommended that the kids you may take with you are at least 3 years old.

It’s a fun activity for the whole family, everyone can jump, run, climb, throw the basketball, and so forth. It’s a nice place for kids and adults.

Not to mention that it is next to the bowling alley, so you can do both activities on the same day!

In addition, outside the trampoline park, at the main entrance, there is a very cool place with vintage string lights and many tables to create a very special atmosphere. It is really pretty.

The price

The ticket allows you to stay in the park for one hour.

And the price can vary, as sometimes there are promotional prices, but normally from Monday to Thursday it costs between 45.00 and 50.00 reais (around $10 dollars).

On Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays the price is usually 60.00 reais per ticket ($12 dollars).

There is also a combo for 6 people, which makes the adveture much more affordable. From Monday to Thursday, 6 tickets will cost you around 99.00 reais ($20 dollars), on Friday, around 130.00 reais ($26 dollars). After 5 pm, from Monday to Thursday, the combo costs 139.00 reais ($28 dollars), and on Fridays, 170.00 reais ($34 dollars).

In addition, it is necessary to wear non-slip socks. You can use your own, if you have it, or buy them at the store for R$ 20.00 ($4 dollars).

Bar – Best family-friendly place

Arena up Trampolim has a really cool bar, there are mouth watering drinks.

There are different popsicles and smoked cocktails.

It’s worth going through this experience and jumping a little later, lol.

There are also snacks, pizza, hamburgers, french fries and many delicious foods.

It’s a really cool place for kids to have birthday parties while the adults have fun, drink and somersault.

I personally think this is the best family-friendly place in São Paulo, it’s worth the experience!!!!!

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