My trip to Arraial d’Ajuda, Porto Seguro

I’m Matheus, Rodrigo’s brother and I’m going to tell you about my experience in Arraial d’Ajuda, in Porto Seguro, Bahia.

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To be able to make my trip to Arraial d’Ajuda I had to take a plane, land in Porto Seguro and from there my brother Rodrigo picked me up by motorcycle to cross by ferry and, finally, reach our final point.

From São Paulo to Porto Seguro it’s only 2 hours by plane, but as I’ve always been very afraid of flying, it seemed like an eternity, especially in the two turbulences I got on the way.

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Who is my brother?

Let me introduce hiself.

He’s Rodrigo Schmiegelow, an advertiser specializing in Digital Marketing, today he lives as a Digital Nomad (what is it), in other words, that he has geographic freedom and can work from anywhere in the world.

That’s why he can have amazing experiences like this.

He started a trip around the world to get to know places, cultures and regional cuisines and I will bring great surprises from these experiences.

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Arrival in Arraial d’Ajuda

Soon on the ferry the heavy rain started to fall, we got soaked, we arrived at the house we rented, took a shower and went to the forró (Forroó is a musical genre e type of dance typical from northeast region), no bad days for us.

The city reminded me a little of Búzios, a street with many shops and restaurants, but with a little less infrastructure and lots of alcoholic beverage stalls.

It was cheerful there every day, the street was crowded even out of season.

The Beach

The most important part of the whole trip, the beach.

I thought they were all beautiful, but my favorite was Praia do Mucugê, where the tide went down and formed a delicious natural  pool, without waves, very warm and shallow.

arraial d’ajuda beach – rainbow

On the first day I went to this beach, the tide was so low that I could walk to the middle of the sea and see a lot of marine life. I saw urchin, sea slug, lots of fish, etc.

I went to beaches 4 days in a row, and even though it’s winter and I go in the morning or afternoon, the sun burns, if you don’t put on sunscreen you get red, and even with sunscreen, in my case.

The city of Arraial d’Ajuda

As I said above, the city reminded me a bit of Búzios, but with more history apperent, the old buildings were well preserved.

The nightlife there is very lively, and if you are looking for fun, this is the place to go. At Beco das Cores there is always live music and lots of entertainment.

Last days – My trip to Arraial d’Ajuda

The trip was super fun and well worth it, I tried a lot of different foods and drinks and was able to enjoy it a lot.

The sky is very clear, we were lucky and we were right there during the meteor shower. I could see about 7 shooting stars passing by, in addition to a lot of stars.

night sky in Arraial d’Ajuda

On the last day I was planning to go to the beach, but at dawn I got really sick and couldn’t enjoy anything.

Finally, Friday arrived and I left early. This time the flight was smoother as I was less anxious.

I was able to enjoy it a lot, even though I had to work a little, because I work from home with  digital marketing.

What’s up? Have you been to Arraial d’Ajuda? What did you think? Tell us in the comments!

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