People- Mr. Silverio from Petar

Mr. Silvério showed me right at the beginning of my motorcycle trip through America that more than just beautiful places, it’s the people who create the experiences

Mr. Silverio, resident of Iporanga since he was born.

Mr. Silverio told me a little about the region’s history, how country life was before environmental preservation, when the area was renamed PETAR (in fact, it used to be PEAR).lei

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The sudden and unsupported change from the State made the people of the region reinvent themselves, leaving their cultivation life to live on tourism.

Because of this and the disorganization of public bodies, the region’s residents themselves carry out many of the park’s maintenance. In teh next week, they will clear the trails themselves.

They have done a good job, the park is beautiful and surprised me with the historic natural beauties of the #caverns, it’s really worth getting to know – later I’ll post more photos.

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Today Mr. Silvério takes care of @campmoria with his wife and one of the daughters (there are 6 in total), if you go camping it’s a great place for that.

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