The best seafood restaurant in São Paulo – Bar do Paco

I’ve been to the best seafood restaurant in São Paulo several times and in my opinion it’s the best I’ve ever been to.

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Known as Bar do Paco, it is an all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant with many options of shrimp.

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The location – seafood restaurant in São Paulo

The seafood restaurant is in the East Zone of São Paulo, more specifically in Tatuapé, at Rua Itapura, 1547.


The environment

This restaurant has a very beautiful and different design.

It has 3 floors, the first floor being a pleasant and well-ventilated place, with brick walls, and a vintage style.

The second floor is very similar, but it has a very interesting feature in it. In addition to having a mezzanine with two seater tables, creating a romantic place for couples , it also has a small pond with several turtles and beautiful lighting.

It’s very cute and kids love it.


The third floor is much brighter, has a lot of windows and custom hand painted walls (a sunset beach). It also has some fish sculptures, glass ceilings and so on.

It is a very pleasant and different space, it is worth knowing!

The food – seafood restaurant in São Paulo

Now the most important thing of all: the food.

There is a seafood festival, in other words, it is a seafood buffet , with a specialty in shrimp.

The values are very affordable, ranging from 69.99 to 79.99 (about $15 dollars), depending on the day of the week.

But, there’re discounts often, so it’s very interesting to keep an eye on social media. Click here to access Paco’s Instagram Bar.

For example, on Brazilian Valentine’s Day, Bar do Paco made a special offer, in which the couple could choose a bottle of Chilean wine, receive 2 wine glasses, 1 bottle of water, 2 desserts and the seafood buffet included for just 290.00 to each couple (about $50 dollars).

Not to mention that their dessert is very delicious, I’ve tried almost all of them, my favorite is the volcano chocolate cake – Petit Gâteau, my brother’s is the churros with dulce de leche.

churros with dulce de leche

In addition, there are also delicious caipirinhas with many fruit variations and flavor options.

They offer the option of having the caipirinha and the juice served in a normal size cup or in a special 800ml glass, of course I got the big one! lol.

They also got the delivery option, by the app iFood, or you can place your order by clicking here.

I highly recommend Bar do Paco, for sure one of the best seafood restaurants!

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