A day in Monte Verde – Minas Gerais

I took a day trip and spent a day in Monte Verde, a city in Minas Gerais that borders São Paulo.

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Monte Verde is a very beautiful city, which is kinda similar to Campos do Jordão and Gramado, in other words, a city with European architecture and a bit cold.

I’m Matheus Fraga, Rodrigo Schmiegelow’s brother, and I’m going to tell you what it was like to spend a day in this city in Minas Gerais.

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Who is my brother?

He’s Rodrigo Schmiegelow, an advertiser specializing in Digital Marketing, today he lives as a Digital Nomad (what is it). In other words, that he has geographic freedom and can work from anywhere in the world.

That’s why he can have amazing experiences like this.

He started a trip around the world to get to know places, cultures and regional cuisines. He will bring great surprises from these experiences.

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Beginning of the tour

On this trip, I went with my family. We woke up very early to enjoy our day trip. The trip takes about 3 hours by car from São Paulo, so it is possible to spend just one day in Monte Verde.

Arrival in Monte Verde

After about 3 hours, we arrived in the city.

Our day started by visiting the city center, where there are many cool stores to visit.

Obviously, we bought cheese and dulce de leche, it’s impossible to go to any town in Minas Gerais and not buy that. Minas Gerais is the perfect place when it comes to cheese, they even have their own – Minas cheese.

Monte Verde

Most of our day trip was based on getting to know the center of Monte Verde, we took a long walk there.

The city has a very nice tour option:  ride an ATV, but we were unable to do this activity on the day.

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Dinner break

After being in this town all day, we decided to eat there. We stopped at a restaurant where you can eat as much fondue as you want for a fixed price. 

The buffet had 3 options of fondue: cheese, chocolate, and meat. The meat came pre-cooked and you put it on the portable grill until it got your favorite texture and temperature.

The restaurant was delicious and worth it.

End of the trip – a day in Monte Verde

Finally, after a long day getting to know Monte Verde, we decided to go back home.

The tour was a lot of fun, we really enjoyed spending a day in Monte Verde, this trip is really worth it.

What’s up? Have you ever been to this city? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments!

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