Conceição do Ibitipoca, Minas Gerais

Things to do in Conceição do Ibitipoca, Minas Gerais.

From Cláudio’s recommendation who hosted me in Barbacena, I decided my next destination without researching much (anything) about: Conceição do Ibitipoca, MG.

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A few more hours of roads with a good part of it being dirt roads.

Beautiful landscapes and few, very few options for stops since it was Monday and even though it was a stretch of the Estrada Real (a road), almost all the places and restaurants on the side of the road were closed.

I even went into a restaurant with the door open but the very attentive owner told me that they only open on Sundays, at least I got some cold water there.

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The illusion of being onceição do Ibitipoca on the horizon

Every time I saw a small town on the horizon I thought it was my final destination, sweet illusion, it was always the next.

Conceição do Ibitipoca, MG, small and very beautiful town

After a lot of dirt, literally a lot of dirt road, I arrived in Conceição do Ibitipoca, a small but very beautiful town.

After walking around there for a while, I found the hostel I had seen on the internet: Hospedaria Casa Real.

Jefersom and I in Conceição do Ibitipoca

I was received by Jefersom, a guest who was in town because he draws tourist maps and spent the week there to sell his art.

I was welcomed by him because the owners were not there, they usually go to the place in the middle of the afternoon since on weekdays the city is very quiet for tourism (and everything else you can imagine).

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Restaurant that gives access to Ibitipoca State Park

The next day I went to Ibitipoca State Park (I almost didn’t go because the day dawned closed and I didn’t have enough printed money – the hostel owner sold me some because there aren’t any ATMs there).

I’m glad I went to the park. I was surprised by the caves, waterfalls, rivers and the view, which even in the dark showed its potential.

I even entered the lake made of the water from the Waterfall of Monkeys, the freezing water was good to stop feeling some of the cold that was outside it that day.

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Monkey Waterfall – Ibitipoca State Park

At night I went for a pizza downtown and ended up drinking the craft beer that Jefersom is making for his new project.

The next day I woke up early towards my next destination, an indication of my new friend, Maringá de Minas.

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