I’ve traveled to Goiás 3 times, two of those times I was really young and I went to Caldas Novas, a region with a lot of water parks. And the third and last time I went with my brother Rodrigo, author and owner of the blog O Mundo em Lanches. Get to know some curiosities about Goiás bellow:

He invited me in 2017 to go to Barra do Garças, a municipality in Mato Grosso, I accepted the invitation instantanly.

We went by plane to the State of Goiás and landed in Goiânia, where we were welcomed by the father of Rodrigo’s friend, who took us out to dinner.

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Who is my brother?

Advertiser specialized in Digital Marketing and currently Digital Nomad with the company Caranaue, that is, he has geographic freedom and works from anywhere in the world.

That’s why he is able to live incredible experiences like this.

He started a journey around the world to know places, cultures, people and regional cuisines and he is always bringing great surprises from these experiences.

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A Nice Surprise

We ate at a cornmeal mush restaurant, and for the first time I ate a salty cornmeal mush, it was a surprise. I had never heard of salty cornmeal mush before, but I loved it. It was something new and very good.

I remember ordering a dried meat cornmeal mush and being amazed by the taste.

Curiosities about Goiás

City of Goiania

I remember noticing that the city of Goiânia didn’t have speed bumps, but several roundabouts scattered through the city’s streets. Fun fact: there they are not called roundabouts, but Queijinhos (free traduction – little cheese). This was a great curiosity about Goiás.

Continuation of the trip – Curiosities about Goiás

The next day I continued my trip to Barra do Garças, and I was enchanted by the road, very well preserved with a breathtaking view.


road from goias to mato grosso

At the end of my trip, my brother Rodrigo and I returned to Goiás to catch our flight, but before the flight, we spent the day in Goiânia.

We visited some very beautiful and well preserved parks, there were wild animals living there, such as some species of monkeys, rodents, birds and so on.

Leaving Goiás – Curiosities about Goiás

At the end of the trip, after spending 2 days in Goiás, 1 day in Barra do Garça and 1 day in General Carneiro, I finally boarded my flight to São Paulo, alone, because my brother had a problem with his ticket and he came back alone in the next day.

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