Guarda do Embaú, coast of Santa Catarina

Guarda do Embaú on the coast of Santa Catarina is known as Guardinha (diminutive of Guarda in Portuguese – a cute way to call the city)

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I prefer to call it Guarda do Embaú, I don’t like to create a lot of bonds with the cities because I prefer not to get attached and Guardinha, I mean, Guarda do Embaú almost got me. Who knows going back there one day?

What you will find in this article:

First New Year’s Eve in Guarda do Embáu

The first time I spent a few days there was on New Year’s Eve 2013 to 2014 and I did the same  in 2014 to 2015. There were few places I went more than once.

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Second New Year’s Eve in Guarda

The second visit I did with my friends who were going there for the fourth year in a row and, I confess now, I also went because I really liked this region.

A peaceful place

It was a village for fishermen for a long time and less than 15 years ago it began to receive tourists. Going twice in a row I realized how much the number of tourists increases year after year.

Access – dirt roads

The village atmosphere still remains. There are no high buildings, the commercial street is still small and the streets made of concrete, some are still dirt roads, the beach is clean and there are many fishing boats.

The charm of the Guarda do Embaú

The region’s charm is Rio da Madre – Madre River, which cuts through all the sand on the beach. To access it is necessary to cross the river, the water usually reaches the waist but it depends on the tide. Its crossing is about 300 meters.

There is the option of taking one of the many colorful boats that are there and help those who want to get to the other side in a more peaceful way.

Price: in the years I went, each crossing cost between R$ 2.00 and R$ 3.00 (less than 1 dollar).

Rio de Madre, Guarda do Embaú

The natural beauty of Guarda do Embaú

Guarda do Embaú beach is also very beautiful, the yellow sand is a little thicker than usual, the water is dark and waves are relatively calm.

Guarda do Embaú beach

Pedra do Urubu – Vulture stone

It has a mountain where it is possible to do some trails and have a beautiful view from the top, where you can see part of the beach and much of the ocean.

Where to eat in Guarda do Embaú

In the center there are some restaurant options, we prefer:

Guardião do Embaú Restaurant for lunch. In addition to being very tasty, the dish is well served and it is possible to share it between two people.

Nightlife in Guarda do Embaú

Beach-style bars and music every day in the high season. We alternated between La Madre Guarda bar and Biruta bar, preferring the first one due its open atmosphere and Brazilian music.


We stayed at Dona Teresinha Inn – Pousada da dona Teresinha – for the two years I went. It is a simple inn managed by Terezinha, a lady in her 70s who has lived there for a long time.


Jeez Guardinha

Santa Catarina has many coastal options, A Guarda do Embaú and Praia do Rosa are my favorites of what I’ve seen so far.


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