Is it worth using Hurb to travel?

Recently, more and more people have been talking about Hurb, questioning if it was a scam or if it is really worth using it to travel.

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For those who don’t know, the Hurb (Hotel Urbano), offers several promotions and travel packages, with accommodation and plane, for very low prices.

In these packages, you choose the location and then you have to choose 3 dates to make this trip, normally it is between March and November, but it can change depending on where you go.

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Is it reliable to use Hurb to travel?

Hotel Urbano, or Hurb has a good rating from consumers, it has a reputation of 8.1 in one of the most used review websites of Brazil, an excellent score.

I saw several posts on the internet showing its reliability and, in fact, the trips were carried out by the company.

Why are prices so low?

As the company’s objective is to sell cheap trips, they have some strategies to lower its value.

Low season

Their promotional packages are offered in low season. In this way, tickets and accommodation are reduced by up to 40%.



They sell multiple packages for the same destination. Thus, managing to negotiate and reduce the price of hotels and plane tickets.

Advance – Hurb

As the packages are bought in advance, one or two years in advance, it is possible to buy tickets much cheaper.


Scapegoat, which means the same as Boi de Piranha, is such a common practice, although it has an uncommon name.

Hurb uses this tactic, which consists of attracting customers with offers at low prices, in this way, they end up buying others at the normal price and, sometimes, at even higher prices.

I haven’t had the opportunity to use Hurb to travel yet. But soon I’ll take a trip using it and come back to tell you.

What’s up? Have you ever used Hurb to travel? How was your experience? 

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