The 5 best beaches in Ilhabela

If you love nature, beautiful landscapes, beautiful beaches and also enjoy an urban area with a great infrastructure, maybe Ilhabela is the perfect place for you! Today we’re going to talk about beaches, so get ready to discover the 5 best beaches in Ilhabela!

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Ilhabela is formed by two words that mean beautiful island, and it is located on the north coast of the state of São Paulo.

The combination of the words “island” and “beautiful” was never for nothing! This island provides you a great contact with nature and that is why it attracts so many tourists, not only from São Paulo, but from all over the world.

Of course, when it comes to Ilhabela’s beaches, we have a lot to talk about, after all, we’re listing it!

Today you will discover beaches near waterfalls, trails, incredible natural landscapes, in addition to bars and restaurants nearby.

But without further ado, let’s get down to business!

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The 5 best beaches in Ilhabela

1. Praia de Castelhanos – Castelhanos Beach

The first on our list of the best beaches in Ilhabela, we need to talk about Castelhanos Beach!

It opens our list because it is a very particular experience.

I say this because access to the beach is not as easy as we are used to seeing, you can take trails by car, or access it by boat.

I went by motorcycle and I confess that it was not easy at all!

But you can trust me, the process of getting to this beach is one of the best experiences you will ever have. It is a reason for it to be among the best beaches in Ilhabela.

The most conventional way is to rent a 4×4 car and cross Ilhabela State Park, arriving at Praia de Castelhanos.

Castelhano Beach

The way to the beach is incredible because this state park has a wonderful nature, so during the journey, you will face waterfalls, natural pools, different species of birds, and so on.

Regarding the beach, it is very quiet and has small waves and golden sand that enchants any traveler!

Remember that there are excellent kiosks on the beach! Definitely one of the best beaches in Ilhabela.

2. Fome Beach – Praia da Fome

Fome Beach is certainly one of the best beaches in Ilhabela when you are looking for peace!

This is because it is less frequented by visitors and local residents, so it tends to be empty most of the time.

Sometimes stopping for a while and enjoying the view is all we need for our day, and this is the perfect place for that.

The waters are crystal clear, the beach is surrounded by the local nature and all this forms a beautiful view, which is why it cannot be left out of our list of the best beaches in Ilhabela!

It is also important to mention that access to this beach is not that simple.

Just like Castelhanos, Fome Beach requires you to take a trail (which lasts about 40 minutes) from Jabaquara.

You can also go there by boat!

3. Praia do Bonete – Bonete Beach

Bonete Beach is like a mix of the other two that we mentioned, so we don’t even need to say why it’s on our list of the best beaches in Ilhabela, do we?

This beach is also more peaceful, generating a somewhat wild aspect.

In addition to relaxing, it is perfect for enjoying the beautiful landscapes, as it is also surrounded by natural beauty.

However, like the other two, accessing it is not so simple!

It can be done by trail (4 hours of walking) or by boat.

Maybe it seems like a very bold decision to opt for the trail, but trust me, if you can take the trail, take it!

The beautiful landscapes along the way reward every second spent walking.

You will see waterfalls, rivers, as well as closely contemplate the fauna and flora.

This trail contributes (and a lot) to making it one of the best beaches in Ilhabela!

4. Praia do Curral – Curral Beach

After some quiet beaches that are hard to access, we have news on our list of the best beaches in Ilhabela!

Curral Beach is listed here, in addition to being beautiful, it is one of the most popular beaches on the island!

Near this beach are located excellent bars, kiosks and restaurants in Ilhabela.

The accommodations are also the most popular, after all, the most luxurious hotel on the island is also there.

If you want funner activities and get to meet more tourists on your trip, Curral Beach will definitely be one of the best beaches in Ilhabela!

5. Praia do Julião – Juliao Beach

Last but not least, Juliao Beach to finish our list of the best beaches in Ilhabela.

This time, we won’t have difficult access either, it is an accessible beach and also very popular with tourists.

The special charm of this beach is the sunset!

Many people go to Juliao Beach to enjoy the incredible view of the sunset, if you have the opportunity, go there and check it out, you won’t regret it!

This is a beach that is not as popular as Curral, for example, so it can be a great place to enjoy with the family and children!

But what do you think of our list of the best beaches in Ilhabela? Which one were you most excited to visit? Tell me here in the comments!

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