The freshwater beaches in Bariloche

As it has a large lake in its region, Bariloche has plenty of freshwater beaches to enjoy during the summer.

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Basically, they are beaches on the lakes of the region, which makes them look very cool, since the landscape is the mountains.

The main lake, responsible for most of freshwater beaches in Bariloche, is Nahuel Huapi Lake, a glacial lake.

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The best freshwater beaches in Bariloche

Playa Bonita – Beautiful Beach

This freshwater beach is located at kilometer 8 of Av. Bustillo, being one of the most famous beaches in Bariloche.

It is usually calm and very cold, has crystal clear water and is relatively large. In addition to being composed of pebbles instead of sand.

It has infrastructure in the region, such as bars, restaurants, street kiosks, equipment rental, lifeguards, and so on.

Playa Bahia Serena – Beach, The freshwater beaches in Bariloche

It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Bariloche, mainly because it is surrounded by green areas. Playa Bahia Serena – Beach is located at kilometer 12 of Bustillo Avenue.

Its waters are calm and shallow, ideal for enjoying a summer day.

Playa Centenario – Beach Centenario 

It is one of the longest and most popular beaches in Bariloche. It is located at the entrance to Bariloche.

This beach does not have waves, so it is common to practice some extreme sports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Playa Villa Tacu – Beach, Freshwater beaches

This beach is located at kilometer 29, close to the Llao Llao Resort. I saw this beach due to the Circuito Chico, it is on the tour path.

Playa Villa Tacul

Its waters are very cold and its landscape is charming. This beach is located in the middle of an environmental park.

Playa Melipal – Beach

This freshwater beach is located at kilometer 4 of Avenida Bustillo. It’s a small beach, with a lot of rocks.

What’s up? Have you ever visited any of these freshwater beaches in Bariloche? Do you miss any of them? Tell us in the comments!

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