Things to do in São Vicente – São Paulo

São Vicente is a municipality in Baixada Santista, being a place that, mainly during vacations and holidays, attracts countless tourists. But to make it easy for you to have fun in a region with so many attractions available, today we are going to talk about things to do in São Vicente!

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Most tourists in this region come from São Paulo. After all, São Vicente is located about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from the capital.

But regardless of whether you’re going to spend a few days there or just go for a one-day trip, it’s extremely important that you already know what to do there!

We’ll give you tips on beaches, museums, parks, hills and other available and enchanting activities.

Are you curious? Well, let’s get down to business!

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Things to do in Sao Vicente


It’s simply impossible to talk about things to do in São Vicente without talking about the incredible beaches that this place has!

You’ll be able to choose which style of beach you enjoy the most, whether it’s the quietest or the hectic, luxurious… There’s no shortage of options.

Itararé Beach

By the way, I don’t know if you have already read, but we have an entire article talking a little about which are the best beaches in São Vicente!

I recommend that you read it by clicking here, we guarantee that it will be lots of fun!

Morro da Asa Delta – Hang Gliding 

Continuing our list of things to do in São Vicente, let’s talk about Morro da Asa Delta (Free Traduction – Hang Gliding Hill).

It takes that name because it was discovered by Hang Gliding practitioners. And obviously, it is often used for this sport!

However, if you don’t usually practice this sport, there’s no problem! This hill still has some more interesting details.

Firstly, it is 180 meters above the sea level. So you can have an incredible view of Santos, Guarujá, Praia Grande, and so on.

Other than that, there is still a cable car for those who want to go down and up in another way.

The view provided by the cable car is also beautiful! It’s worth checking.

Casa da Cultura Afro-Brasileira – Afro-Brazilian Culture House-Museum

For art and culture lovers looking for things to do in São Vicente, this is your moment!

The Casa da Cultura Afro-Brasileira is the reopening of the first Museu do Escravo (Free Traduction – Slave Museum) on the coast of São Paulo.

In this museum, there are activities related to African religions, social movements and the promotion of social equality with artistic entities!

It is worth remembering that this House is far from being the only cultural environment in the São Vicente region!


There are also other houses/museums that have interesting curiosities and tell a lot about the history of the city. Such as Casa do Barão and Casa Martim Afonso.

For the religious who are looking for things to do in São Vicente, a good activity is to go to the Igreja Matriz de São Vicente (a beautiful Catholic Church), which was founded 300 years ago!

Parque Cultural Vila de São Vicente – Vila de São Vicente Cultural Park

One of the best things for those who enjoy a peaceful walk, it’s a beautiful park to visit, isn’t it?

It is for this reason that the Parque Cultural Vila de São Vicente (cultural park) is on our list of Thing to do in São Vicente!

The architecture of this park is inspired by the 16th century architecture, so it has an old world vibe. The tiles, for example, are tiles taken from old farms.

The purpose of the place is to try to reproduce historical images and customs from 1532 through instruments and activities scheduled on site!

However, it is important to highlight that this is not the only park in the municipality!

If you enjoy contact with nature and are looking for things to do in São Vicente, the Xixová-Japuí State Park is perfect!

It’s a great place because it is simply a fragment of the Atlantic Forest. in fact, there is a trail in it where there is a very close contact with the forest.

You can enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean and Itaquitanduva Beach, however, the visit needs to be scheduled!

What’s up? Do you already know the things to do in São Vicente? Which of these activities did you like the most? Tell me here in the comments!

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