Tours to do in the South Zone of São Paulo

São Paulo is a gigantic city with a lot of cool things to do. In this city you can get to know several regions, such as the North Zone, South Zone, East Zone, West Zone and the Center of São Paulo!

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But what to do in the South Zone?

Ibirapuera’s Park

There’s no way to come to São Paulo and not visit this park, if your tour is in the South Zone region this attraction is a must.

Ibirapuera park

It is certainly one of the most beautiful parks in the city of São Paulo.

It is located in the neighborhood of Moema and has about 1.58 km², that is, it is gigantic. There you can rent bicycles (bicycle rental is very cheap), rollerblading, skateboarding, walking, walking with your dog, picnicking and many other things.

Besides all that, it’s worth looking to see if there’s going to be a cool event on the day you are planning to go. There are always lots of fun events.

There is also a very beautiful water show, beautiful fountains. In addition to having museums inside the park.

I guarantee that visiting Ibirapuera Park will be a tremendous experience.

For more information about the park, click here.

São Paulo Cultural Center

The São Paulo Cultural Center (Centro Cultural de São Paulo – CCSP), located in Paraíso, in the South Zone. It has a complete and diversified program with diverse cultural collections.

It has exhibitions of theater, cinema, dance, visual arts, among others. It’s really worth knowing!

For more information about programmes, schedules, shows and prices, click here.

Some tickets are free, it is necessary to present proof of vaccination.

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Cinematheque (Cinemateca) – South Zone of São Paulo

It is the institution responsible for the preservation and dissemination of Brazilian audiovisual production.

On the website it is possible to view the entire program, the collections and ask any questions.

It is located in Vila Clementino, Tickets are free.

Agua Funda District

I couldn’t talk about the South Zone and not recommend going to the Água Funda, where you can visit the zoo, the safari zoo, the botanical garden and the Science and Technology Park of the University of São Paulo ( Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Universidade de São Paulo – CIENTEC).

The value of the tickets varies for each location, but they have very affordable values.

The ticket price for the Botanical Garden is 10 reais (less than $ 2 dollars) – half entry is R$ 5.00 (less than $1 dollar) -, the CIENTEC has free entry and the Zoo and Zoo Safari cost 45 reais (about $9 dollars).

zebra at the zoo

I recommend not visiting them on holidays as they get very crowded, it’s also interesting to take a day to get to know each place.

So, do you know any of these places in the South Zone of São Paulo? Tell us your experience here in the comments!

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