Uruguayan Parrilla, one of the best barbecues in the world

In this blog we have talked several times about Uruguayan tourist cities, food and other interesting things, but did you know that in this country, barbecue is extremely important? That’s why today we’re going to talk about Uruguayan Parrilla, one of the best barbecues in the world!

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Uruguay is a gaucho/rural country, having 80% of the territory destined for livestock. So I don’t even need to say that meat is very important there!

Another element that contributes to the high quality of Uruguayan meat is that the animals are very well cared, without the use of hormones.

Also, the availability of excellent types of breeds helps a lot too.

But what is different about Uruguayan Parrilla? How is it made? Does it has a specific type of cut?

Of course, we will answer all these doubts, but as usual, I need to remind you of one thing first!

In Uruguay there are many delicious typical foods, so if you want to know more about it, read our article Uruguayan seaweed muffins (bolinhos de alga) – Typical food from Uruguay!

Now, let’s go!

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All about Uruguayan Parrilla – Barbecue

How is it prepared?

The method of preparation of Uruguayan Parrilla – Barbecue is exactly the special charm, in addition to being what differentiates this type of barbecue from all others.

For example, in Brazil, we have the custom of making barbecue by placing charcoal on the grill to serve as fuel for the fire, leaving the meat on top.

In Uruguay, to make Parrilla, firewood is used as fuel.

Uruguayan Parrilla
Uruguayan Parrilla

The way to prepare Uruguayan Parrilla – Barbecue works basically like this: on one side of the grill they put firewood and let it burn, only to get embers.

After that, the hot coals are shaped as a sort of hot bed under the grill with the meats and vegetables (yes, they actually put vegetables on the grill along with the barbecue, and it’s delicious)!

This method may seem like just a different detail from the other barbecues. But it’s exactly this detail that changes everything!

It may even take a little time, but the method of preparing Uruguayan Parrillas – Barbecue is almost a ritual in the country.

Oh, and it’s well worth the wait! The result is incredible, the meat ends up being juicy and medium.

There is any specific cut? – Uruguayan Parrilla

When it comes to Uruguayan Parrilla – Barbecue, the cut of the meat becomes something specific and particular.

This is because, as we have already said, 80% of the Uruguayan territory is destined for livestock and the cattle are of the highest quality!

In other words, any cut of meat there is good. There is no specific preference, for example flank steak in the United States is the favorite cut, picanha in Brazil. In Uruguay, picanha is rarely consumed.

So Uruguayan Parrilla – Barbecue can be something very versatile. However, of course we are going to say some cuts instructions for you to know a little better!

For example, if you are eating ribs, you can cut perpendicular to the ribs, while if you are grilling sirloin steak, you should slice against the grain.

But of course it varies a lot from what beef cut you’re eating at the moment. The ideal is to research or do Parrilla with someone who already understands barbecue!

Our purpose with this article is to introduce you to Uruguayan Parrilla – Barbecue, explaining why it is one of the best barbecues in the world.

I’ve made you hungry, right?! Enjoy it a lot!

Thank you and see you later!

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