Vanerão: A Typical Dance of Rio Grande do Sul

Vanerão is a type of dance from Rio Grande do Sul, on the South of Brazil

The origin of the world Vanerão comes from a rhythm of Cuba created in Havana. On this post you will understand how this became a typical and  enchanting dance from Rio Grande do Sul.

Leia em Português

This is the first song genuinely afro-latin american and arrived in Europe in the 17th century. 

center of gaucho traditions

The dance was adapted to the european culture and came back to America due to Portuguese and Spanish immigrants in the mid 80’s.

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The fandangos (set of dances from Rio Grande dos Sul) are developing many rhythms using creativity and experience, so it wasn´t just spelling that has changed from de Cuban origin, the faster rhythm transformed it into something more danceable in the last years. Ah Vanerão!

Band – Fandango

Typical musical instruments used in the bands in fandangos: accordion, guitar, bass, drums and tambourine.

These transformations were taken from Reporte Rio Grandense, where there are more details, it is worth reading the complete article- it is just one click.     

My Experience with Vanerão

On my motorcycle trip through America, I spent some days in Canela, where my friends told me a little about the Vanerão.

On a Sunday, we went to CTG (center of traditions from Rio Grande do Sul) Querência. It is worth following the page on Facebook to get to know events and news.

Dancing Vanerão with Miss Congeniality

 Each weekend it is a different group that organizes the parties in Vanerão.

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The group that was organizing The party the day I went had some people nominated with some responsibilities. The Woman that took me to dance was Miss Congeniality, that pays attention to everyone that is new, ensuring that they have a good experience.  

I really liked this dance.

I think it is for this reason that this rhythm is also known like Limpa Banco (sits cleaner), when the songs started to play there was no one seated. 


It was a great experience passing one afternoon knowing better the culture from Rio Grande do Sul, if you were around there, it is worth it to meet.

Did I learn to dance? Certainly not. 🙃

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