What to do in Enseada Beach – Guarujá, São Paulo

Being one of the closest coastal cities to São Paulo – Brazil, going to Guarujá can be the perfect program for you to enjoy your weekends and holidays while staying in São Paulo. For this reason, today we are going to talk about Praia da Enseada or Enseada Beach, one of the main beaches in the coastal city, showing the best activities available to make your trip amazing!

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After all, if there’s one thing we Brazilians are really good at, it’s discovering that perfect beach to go to on sunny days, right?

Praia da Enseada will reach (and a lot) your expectations.

It is a quiet beach, but at the same time very busy, with the largest concentration of hotels, inns, restaurants and bars in the city, including one of the largest aquariums in Latin America!

It is worth remembering that Guarujá has 27 beaches, and although Enseada is the main one, it is not the only one available.

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What are the best activities to do in Enseada Beach?

1.  Visit Aqua Mundo

As we told you, here you will find one of the biggest aquariums in Latin America, Acqua Mundo!

In total, it has an area of ​​5775 m², containing sharks, penguins, turtles, alligators, snakes, among other species from the most diverse environments and zoological groups.

If that wasn’t enough, the aquarium also has stores in the theme, kids’ areas and cafeteria!

It’s a quiet outing, it can be one of the best options for you who like to travel with the family, especially with children

2.  Enjoy beach activities

Obviously, on a beach as big as Praia da Enseada, you will never be short of leisure options on the beach itself.

Here is a great environment for those who like to practice sports close to the sea. The sand allows you to do excellent runs and walks.

Enseada Beach

Also, it’s a great idea to get a group of friends together and play beach soccer or something else.

You can also take boat and jetski trips.

Of course, we cannot forget the good old ritual of taking a chair, placing it under an umbrella on the sand and enjoying the beach eand the sound of the sea.

3. Visit Morro do Maluf

Morro do Maluf is located on Pitangueiras Beach.

Yes, it may seem a little contradictory that we are suggesting this activity in an article about Praia da Enseada, but we will explain the reason for all this is!

Morro do Maluf

As you climb the hill, you will have a simply incredible view of the entire Praia da Enseada! You will see for yourself, it is impossible that a view of such a big and popular beach is not memorable.

In addition, Morro do Maluf is available for activities such as climbing and hang gliding. To be able to do these activities, just hire an agency that has these services.

It is worth remembering that Praia das Pitangueiras is a beach pretty close to Enseada, due to this, there will be no lack of tourist options there as well.

If you want to expand your range of options for your trip, we recommend that you read our article Things to do in Pitangueiras Beach – Guarujá, São Paulo.

4. Enjoy the nightlife

Of course, on a beach as big as Enseada, there will be no lack of options for you to enjoy the night!

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, this beach has the highest concentration of restaurants and bars in the city.

You can go out with the family, eat at a good restaurant, go to an ice cream shop for dessert and then walk along the boardwalk, enjoying the sea breeze.

If you prefer to gather with friends and go out enjoying the dawn, bars are great options!

It’s a good place for you to get together, meet new people and enjoy the city more.

The purpose of this article is for you to discover everything that can be done at Enseada Bach, one of the main ones in Guarujá.

Again, it is important to remember that Enseada is not the only beach available, there are other amazing beaches shown in the articles mentioned during the text.

We are sure that after reading our articles, you will know exactly what to do to make your trip to Guarujá unique.

Thank you and see you later!

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