What to do in the central zone of São Paulo

You can’t deny that there is a lot to do in the central zone of São Paulo, and this can make it a little difficult to decide what to do during a tour in the land of drizzle.

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The central zone of São Paulo ends up being one of the most visited places by tourists.

This zone is close to everything, with the subway lines, all places turn out to be accessible.

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But what to do in the central zone of São Paulo?

Paulista Avenue

Of course, I couldn’t forget to mention Paulista Avenue, since it is one of the most famous places in the central zone of São Paulo and also in the city itself.

Paulista marked the beginning of my independence as a teenager when one of the first things I did alone was to go to Paulista Avenue to ask for reimbursement for my parents’ health insurance exams.


I confess that it was exciting to get out of the subway alone and face those huge buildings in one of the areas that I like the most in the city.

You can visit Masp (Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand). It is of the city’s postcards, which has one of the most important art collections in the country, in addition to breathtaking architecture. (Open from Tuesday to Sunday, free tickets on every Tuesdays)

It is also very common to walk from end to end of the avenue, whether by bicycle, walking, rollerblading…

Sesc São Paulo Avenida Paulista – there, you can see the huge Paulista Avenue from up above.

There is also the Méqui 1000, which is nothing more than a giant McDonald’s that was built/adapted to work with the structure of a mansion.

This huge house was built in the 40s and has 500 square meters.

Paulista Avenue is located in the Bela Vista neighborhood, and is easily accessed by the city’s subway.

Sé – central zone of São Paulo

The most beautiful place in São Paulo – the See cathedral – aka São Paulo Metropolitan Cathedral. It has incredible infrastructure and breathtaking beauty. A lot of people don’t know, but it’s possible to have brunch at the cathedral itself.

The brunch ticket costs around 250 reais (in the range of $45 dollars), for more information about the opening hours, click here.

You can also visit the Santander lighthouse, which has a view of the entire city of São Paulo.

It is also worth visiting the Pátio do Colégio (historical Jesuit church and school), where the first construction in the city of São Paulo was built.

I also have memories of the region, the Catedral da Sé (See Cathedral) is close to Rua 25 de Março. I remember when I was still a child, I would go with my mother to buy and sell jewelry that she produced at the time.

Liberdade  – central zone of São Paulo

Liberdade is a neighborhood well-known for being a tourist attraction, presenting a bit of Asian culture. There, you can find a bit of everything, and the most common tour is to visit the open air fair that takes place there.


I recommend walking by Largo da Pólvora, a very pretty square, with a pond and a bridge inside.

Once you are there, take the opportunity to visit the History Museum of Japanese Immigration in Brazil. The museum has more than 97,000 historical pieces in its collection. It is worth knowing a little more about the culture and history of Japanese immigrants.

Getting to this region is quite simple, the subway entrance / exit is right in front of the fairs that take place there.

It is also possible to walk to Praça da Sé, or go up to Vila Mariana, another great area that is not so close to the central zone.

Cerqueira César

For those who like to enjoy the city’s nightlife, I recommend going there when you’re in the city central zone.

Being full of ballads, bars and nightclubs, this municipality is home to one of the most famous and popular streets in the city of São Paulo, Rua Augusta.

You can find every type of place, pleasing everyone. It is impossible not to have fun.

There is much more things to do in the Central Zone, here are just a few of the possible things to do in the region.

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So, do you know any of these places? Do you feel that there could be another unmissable place to visit in the city central zone? Tell us in the comments

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