Typical food from São Paulo I managed to list the main and most famous sandwiches and a little of the city’s gastronomic culture

It’s hard to talk about what São Paulo’s typical food is. Even in our daily life, there are few things legitimately from São Paulo, and the most famous dishes are usually from São Paulo.

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Quick information: paulista, who is from the state of São Paulo, paulistano, city.

We even have the Virado à Paulista created at the time of the Bandeirantes, according to what I found on Wikipedia.

Its recipe with tutu (basically a dish with beans and flour), sausage, steak, egg, crackling, breaded banana and green cabbage, in addition to white rice, represents the State of São Paulo as a typical food of the region, it was created by the pioneers in the early 20th century, but was adapted in Minas General and gained more strength with several variations in this other state.

virado a paulista

In São Paulo, this dish is common on Mondays in most restaurants.

What is typical of São Paulo

From what I researched and lived 32 years ago, the really typical foods of the city of São Paulo are sandwiches – which have everything to do with my project.

Sandwiches that carry a lot of history of what São Paulo is.

This representation starts in the worker’s hurry, the sandwiches are an “easy” food, which helps to finish the lunch faster during the break at work. It also represents cheaper food for the salaried worker.

And this reflects in the history of the main points where the most famous sandwiches emerged:

1. Typical São Paulo food: Pernil do Estadão

The Bar do Estadão looks like São Paulo in one place. It’s busy and with a lot of diversity of people. The menu is extensive and available 24 hours a day, so if you want to eat a feijoada ( a typical food from Brazil: a stew of beans with beef and pork.) on Tuesday at 3 am, just go there.

The ham sandwich is the most famous in the bar and in São Paulo, and I found out talking to Cícero (one of the current owners) who was also brought from the interior, he came from Ribeirão Preto in 1974 when his family that is the current priority took over the place.

When you order a sandwich, the chef cuts some chips to heat with the house’s special sauce, with onions, peppers and other delicacies.

It is possible to spice up the sandwiches with different cheeses, or even with pineapple, which is delicious.


If meat is part of your diet, you have to stop by the Estadão when you come to São Paulo, so take advantage of it and take a walk around the city center.

2. Typical São Paulo food: Mercadão mortadella bologna sandwich

(Municipal Market of São Paulo)

Still in the city center, the Mercado Municipal (Municipal Market) is a historical reference and receives approximately 50 thousand people a week. There you can find food from the whole world, as well as drinks and regional gifts.

At the top of the Mercadão is the Bar do Mané, which according to legend had its main sandwich created as a joke by employees in the late 60s, when they put together a sandwich with an exaggerated bologna sausage  filling that was seen and popularized by some customers.

The Municipal Market of São Paulo and the traditional mortadella bologna sandwich are much more touristy than anything from everyday life in São Paulo, but they carry a rich history and it is no wonder that they are at this level nowadays.


3. The Crunchy Pastel da Feira (fried pastry from food fair)

Pael (fried pastry) is popular throughout Brazil and in some parts of the world, but some researches show that it came from Japanese immigration in Santos, it was an adaptation of guioza or other fried dough from China.

Pastel de Feira: Typical São Paulo Food

4. Hot Dog 

The hot dog also became popular in the city, this was in the late 90’s with the vans offering these carbohydrate bombs.

The Hot Dog is also a sandwich present throughout Brazil, and in the world since its origin comes from American hot dogs.

In each region of the country, it has its own ingredients.

Hot Dog – Typical São Paulo Food

In São Paulo ours usually come with mashed potatoes, corn, straw potatoes, cheddar, catupiry (creamy cheese) and they are usually pressed (I particularly prefer it without pressing). There’s also the traditional hot dog bread and sausage that couldn’t be missing.

5. Typical São Paulo Food: Sandwich Bauru

This was new to me, in my mind

that it was much more a Ponto Chic marketing ploy than a traditional part of the State.

I found out that it was my mistake when in a quiz done on Instagram stories – follow – about what is typical food of São Paulo and they told me about this tasty sandwich.

Bauru Ponto Chic Sandwich

The official Bauru Sandwich and cultural heritage is prepared on French bread with roast beef, mozzarella cheese melted in a water bath, pickles and tomatoes.

I went to Ponto Chic twice and the sandwich is really delicious, it’s worth trying.

Rota 99 Petiscaria and Cervejaria (snacks and beers)

Recently opened a restaurant bar, or restôbar, which has many typical sandwiches of São Paulo, it is the Rota 99 Petiscaria e Cervejaria.

A place with three very different environments: an indoor place like a restaurant, a terrace with a beach atmosphere and the upper part for couples, where music from the 70s plays in a romantic atmosphere.

In addition to assorted snacks, the main menu items are sandwiches: the delicious ham sandwich inspired by the Bar do Estadão, the famous sausage sandwich very popular in the countryside towns in the state, in addition to Pastels (fried pastry) in an outdoor area that is open 24 hours a day. hours.

Typical São Paulo food: cosmopolitan city

Leaving sandwiches aside, we have São Paulo as a cosmopolitan city with gastronomic influences from all Brazilian states and from several countries around the world.

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