Typical São Paulo Food: Bauru Sandwich

Bauru Sandwich, a delicious sandwich from the state of São Paulo

This one was new to me, I thought it was much more of a Ponto Chic (restaurant) marketing ploy than actually the Bauru Sandwich being something traditional in the States. I discovered that it was my mistake when I did a quiz on Instagram stories about what is typical of São Paulo and I was told about this tasty sandwich.

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Ponto Chic Bauru Sandwich

When researching more about the dish II found on Wikipedia that it was created by Casimiro Pinto Neto, a law student from the city of Bauru in São Paulo: Ponto Chic do Largo do Paysandu in 1937, this happened after he read the book “Livro das Mamãezinhas” (free traduction –  Mommy’s book) and say the ingredients to the cooker

Bauru Ponto Chic Sandwich – image from Gordiando

Thus came the official Bauru sandwich, which is made  with roll, roast beef, mozzarella cheese melted in a water bath, pickles and tomatoes.

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This recipe is accredited as a cultural heritage, both in the city of Bauru and in the state of São Paulo, there are few restaurants that use this original recipe. It’s much easier to find the thousands of variations with different cheeses and proteins, and pickles are rare. I think only tomatoes and roll bread are on almost every recipe.

I went to Ponto Chic twice and the sandwich is really delicious, it’s worth trying.

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