Bologna Sandwich from Municipal Market, São Paulo Typical Food

Bologna Sausage Sandwich from Mercadão (Municipal Market). The subject is São Paulo Typical Food, after talking about the ham sandwich at the Bar do Estadão, we continue with sandwiches as it is one of the foods that most represent the city due to its speed and the most accessible price for local workers.

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This time the sandwich is the famous and succulent Bologna Sandwich from Municipal Market

São Paulo Typical food: Bologna Sausage Sandwich from Mercadão (Municipal Market of São Paulo)

Also in downtown, the Municipal Market is a historical and touristic reference, today it has 290 varied commercial stalls that receive approximately 50 thousand people per week. There you can find food from all over the world, as well as drinks and regional souvenirs.

The market was renovated in 2004.

In the 2004 renovation, the mezzanine was created to house some of the main restaurants in the Mercadão. It is on this upper floor that you will find the Hocca Bar, a restaurant that appropriated the Bologna Sandwich.

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Bologna Sandwich from Mercadão

According to legend, the sandwich was created at Bar do Mané as a joke by employees in the late 60s, when they put together a sandwich with an exaggerated bologna filling that was seen and popularized by some customers.

Bologna Sandwich from the Municipal Market is more touristy, not really a day-to-day food of São Paulo.

The Municipal Market of São Paulo and the traditional bologna sandwich are much more touristy than anything from everyday life in São Paulo, but they carry a rich history and it is no wonder that they are at this level today.

All references are taken from Wikipedia and you can see it in more detail at this link.


Have I already tried the Bologna Sandwich from Mercadão?

I never had the courage to eat a whole bologna sandwich, I only tried it when I took some friends there.

It’s very tasty, but it gives me indigestion just thinking about the amount of bologna in the filling, it is more than exaggerated. On these occasions I ate cod pastel (fried pastry) which is also a reference in the Municipal Market of São Paulo, as well as cod muffins, shrimp pastry, among others.

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