Chivito, the Unforgettable Sandwich from Uruguay

When we talk about Uruguay, what comes to your mind? In addition to the culture, tourist spots and wonderful landscapes, the country has an extraordinary gastronomy. Due to this, today we are going to talk about the Chivito sandwich, a typical food from Uruguay, which delights all tourists who gave a chance to this sandwiche!

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If we were to put together a list of your mandatory experiences when visiting this country, trying Chivito would certainly be in the middle of it.

This typical Uruguayan food can be found in several restaurants and local street stands. Bbecause of this, its price becomes accessible to any tourist!

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What is the Chivito sandwich made of?

Like any traditional dish, it may have some changes in each part of the country, however, the essence is always the same.

Essentially, the Chivito sandwich is based on succulent meat. It also usually has ham, cheese, eggs, onion, mayonnaise and tomato, wrapped in fresh bread.

And yes, it’s exactly this simplicity that made it so dear to Uruguayans and enchants tourists, it’s like the charm of the sandwich.

Uruguayan Chivito

I liked mine a lot the second time I ate, the first time it was in Chuí, right on the Uruguayan border with Brazil and it wasn’t that good.

However, hours before leaving the country, I ate Chivito again and it was amazing. Good thing it was on the last day, otherwise I would want to eat that sandwich every single day.

Nevertheless, depending on the restaurant or stand you bought your Chivito from, eating it with fries and a drink can be a great choice!


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