Hot Dog, Typical São Paulo Food

Enough of sandwiches after the Pernil do Estadão (ham sandwich), mortadella bologna sandwich from the Municipal Market and Pastel de Feira (fried pastry)? No, no, there’s more. Now it’s the delicious carb bomb: the Hot Dog.]

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The hot dog also became popular in the city, this was in the late 90’s with kombis offering this amazing sandwich. At that time these gastronomic vehicles weren’t even considered food trucks yet – that only came with the gourmet ray of the last decade.

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homemade hot dog

This sandwich is also present throughout Brazil, and in the world since its origin comes from American hot dogs. Each region of the country has particular ingredients.

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In São Paulo ours usually come with mashed potatoes, corn, vinaigrette (a type of salad, it is a mix of tomates, lemon or vinegar, and so forth), straw potatoes, cheddar, catupiry (creamy cheese) and they are usually pressed (I particularly prefer it without pressing).. Ah, there is also the traditional hot dog bread and sausage that are not the base of everything.

Typical São Paulo Food: Hot Dog with Mashed Potatoes

If you are in São Paulo, get to know and compare our recipe with your city. There’s always a food truck near clubs, concerts, events in general and in some specific spots like Praça Silvio Romero, in Tatuapé, where I ate mine.

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