Jambu from Pará: The mouth-numbing Cachaça 

Jambu, also known as Paracress, is an incredible herb from Pará that gives a numbing sensation in the mouth.

Jambu is also part of dishes all over Brazil.

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But first things first, Cachaça is a distilled drink made from sugarcane juice

Working in an advertising agency, I had a lot of friends from many regions of Brazil, so after the end of the year holidays, one of them brought us a jambu cachaça to try at work.

We gather together in a group to try cachaça with this herb unknown to most. Of course, at the end of the shift😉

With that basic technique of holding the liquid a bit in the mouth, I tried the famous Jambu Cachaça that got my mouth impressively numb.

So when I went to Belém do Pará, one of the things I wanted most was to drink that spirit drink again.

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The gastronomy of Pará

What I didn’t expect is that Jambu/Paracress was in almost every dish.

First, the Jambu was in a portion of pastel (basically a fried pie with many different filling options) that I ate at Amazon Beer in Docas Station –  Estação das Docas. Soon after it was also in the Tacacá and Maniçoba dishes.  Also found Paracress in many delicious and typical foods, like in a fish dish.

How is Jambu in dishes?

From a Cachaça bottle to dishes, it gave a numbing sensation, but it’s softer than the cachaça, which receives Jambu/Paracress leaves while resting, making it stronger.

Jambu from Pará – mouth-numbing Cachaça
Delicious Tacacá -Northern Brazilian dish

Even softer, it has its particular taste with a touch of freshness in food, in addition to creating a very strong local identity.

Jambu mouth-numbing Cachaça

When I was in Belém, I went to Boteco Meu Garoto with some friends who went to Marajó Island, and another French friend we made at the hostel.

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Other Cachaças at Boteco Meu Garato

Boteco Meu Garoto is the most famous place that offers this product. There’re more than one unit, the one we went to was kind of crowded.


I think that due to the cachaça strength, they offer you some snacks to eat for free. But even so, you get your mouth very numb.

In addition to Boteco Meu Garoto, I bought a few craft cachaça bottles at Mercado Ver-o-Peso.

Why does the mouth go numb?

The herb has a substance called espilantol that increases salivation and causes mild numbness.

Because of this, Jambu is being studied by the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, the herb may have a possible anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect.

Jambu cachaça at Ver-o-Peso Supermarket

Have you ever tried Jambu? Tell me what you think about it!

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