Pastel From Open Market, São Paulo Typical Foods

Sandwiches, sandwich and sandwich. Pastel from open Market can also be considered a sandwich. Following the content of São Paulo typical foods, I speak a little about this crunchy and tasty meal.

Fist things first – pastel is a fried pastry, that can be sweet or salty.

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São Paulo Typical food: Pastel

Pastel is popular throughout Brazil and in some parts of the world, but some studies show that it came from Japanese immigration to Santos, it was an adaptation of guioza or other fried dough of Chinese origins.

Juicy Pastel – open market

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The same Japanese who created it, popularized the pastel through their street kiosks in open markets throughout the city.

São Paulo typical Food: Pastel

And because it is so delicious, it is now possible to find this delicacy in any bakery, bar and in many restaurants.

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With pastel (fried pastry) popularity also emerged some houses specialized in this crunchy and tasty food.

An example is Pastel da Maria, which originated at the open market in the parking of Pacaembu stadium, it became a franchise with physical restaurants after winning some awards for the best pastel in São Paulo and is now found in the main points of the city.

On the east side we have a delicious Pastel (fried pastry) in a restaurant that is open 24 hours a day: Rota 99, it’s really worth visiting.

If you go to São Paulo, I suggest going to the open market in Vila Mariana on Sunday, close to Av. Paulista, then tell me if the pastel from there is the same as what you are used to eating. Address here.

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