The Best Hot Dog in The World

Hot Dog

This post could last forever, talking about this wonderful and controversial topic. Now we’ll talk about nothing more, nothing less than the best hot dog in the world!

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Stay here with us, this will be worth reading!

I confess to you that the popular hot dog is also one of the “dishes” that I always try in the destinations of my journey as a digital nomad. In addition to having an excellent cost-benefit, I really like this sandwich.

Each country or even each city has a different hot dog standard, and perhaps it is this versatility that makes the sandwich even more delicious and that arouses travelers’ curiosity.

But before we talk about the best hot dog in the world, I want to share with you the origin of this fast food classic.

The Hot Dog History

If you research this subject, you will see that there are several versions of this history. But, the most popular comes from Germany.

In 1852 a butcher named the sausages he produced with the same name as the breed of his dog: the Dachshund.

And, in 1880, the German immigrant Charles Feltman decided to take this ingredient to the United States, and had the idea of ​​putting it in the middle of the bread, along with some sauces.

But when he told the Americans the sausage’s name, instead of Dachshund, they understood hot dog. And so the name that is famous in the whole world was born.

If a part of this is a myth and simply a well-told story, it doesn’t matter. What really counts is that the popular sausage sandwich is popular and is one of the most popular foods.

The Best Hot Dog in The World

Remember I said at the beginning of this text that this subject was controversial? Now, you will understand why. For some people can’t stand hot dogs without mashed potatoes (a thing that is very common in Brazil), for others, this is a side dish,it doesn’t even match.

Some people say that the best hot dog in the world is in Iceland and the sandwich there has lamb sausage, raw onion, fried onion, ketchup and mustard, but this may just be a good marketing ploy.

Therefore, my opinion is:  there is nothing better than your personal taste to list which one is at the top of the list. For me, bread, ketchup and mustard are the key ingredients.

So, I can say that I really like the São Paulo hot dog. He has soft bread, sausage, Brazilian vinaigrette salsa (it is like vinaigrette, but with real small pieces of tomato and onion, sometimes with lemon juice), mayonnaise, corn and mashed potatoes that cause a lot of discussion.

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As for the Chilean one, which I also approved, instead of mashed potatoes, you can find palta, which is their avocado.

The hot dog from Uruguay is also very good. It is called Pancho and it almost always comes with a sausage that in Brazil would be gourmet and includes cabbage, ketchup and mustard.

Finally, I will also highlight the hot dog from Canada. Most places offer self-service hot dogs, and I would put whatever I wanted. But most of the ingredients have a very strong canned flavor, and I’ve already overspiced my sandwich once.

In conclusion, I can say that the best hot dog in the world is the one that suits your personal taste. And there’s nothing better than eating the widest variety of recipes to try and get your choice!

And for you… what’s the best hot dog in the world?

Let us know in the comments! 

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