The types of hot dogs in Brazil


Are you hungry? It must be because of the subject that we will talk about today in our post. We will share with you the different types of hot dogs in Brazil, showing the clear difference from one city to another.

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Hot dogs are too good!

Who can resist the famous sandwich with bread, sausage and its most diverse topping options?

For those who don’t know, the famous hot dog was born a long time ago, but it became famous in 1850, in Germany.

They named the sandwich after a cook: Frankfurt ‘s pet dog, and now it is what we call the one of the most famous fast foods.

Although the sandwich  is basically the same all over the world, combining bread with sausage, each corner of our country has a different topping variation for this sandwich.

And that’s exactly what delights me when we talk about this topic.

Anyone who follows our blog already knows that I am a digital nomad and my mission is to get to know the culture and cuisine of different cities, states and countries.

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Therefore, we will talk shortly about the different types of hot dogs in Brazil. Check out!

Shall we start our list of Types of hot dogs in Brazil with Bahia?

I bet the types of hot dogs in Brazil will amaze you.

And, to start off on the right foot, our first stop will be in Bahia. Over there, the hot dog gets pumpkin and palm oil (also known as Azeite de Dendê) along with the common ingredients like bread and sausage.

Going now to João Pessoa, a hot dog with plenty of toppings. That’s right!

We’re talking about a huge list of ingredients, such as ground beef, quail egg, olives, cilantro, grated queijo coalho (Brazilian grilled cheese) and much more!

Now, moving to the Federal District, the sandwich has ingredients with a lot of flavor, such as cheese, bacon and spicy seasonings.

In Brasilia, you can taste mayonnaise, corn, straw potatoes and a delicious garlic paste in your sandwich.

Oh, interesting information: there the sausage is prepared on the plate, accompanied by cheese and sauce.

In the list of different types of hot dogs in Brazil, Manaus stands out!

The next place on our list, let’s talk a little bit about the Manaus hot dog.

Over there, this sandwich is named Kikão and it comes with carrots, cabbage and thin tucumã slices – a regional fruit.

In addition, the kikão can have fried plantain, queijo coalho (Brazilian grilled cheese), along with the traditional toppings, such as mayonnaise and straw potato.

How is the hot dog in Cuiabá?

Joining our list of types of hot dogs in Brazil, let’s talk about Cuiabá’s.

The hot dog has fluffier bread and melted mozzarella along with sausage, mayonnaise and vinaigrette.

Oh… and if you want, you can choose between the versions with shredded chicken and the pressed hot dog.

It’s mouth-watering!

Have you ever thought about how different this version is?

Now, landing in Pará, the hot dog gets a special sauce, which is made with tucupi – a liquid that we extract from cassava – as well as jambu leaves – a regional herb.

In Belém, in addition to those ingredients that we’ve mentioned above, you can add ground beef and caramelized Brazil nuts.

This must be just too good!

Types of hot dogs in Brazil: we’re heading south!

Now we have arrived in Paraná and, there, the hot dog is a success.

To give you a clearer idea of how crazy it is, in the list of types of hot dogs in Brazil, it is highlighted because it includes cheese, strawberries, chocolate, condensed milk and no sausage.

That’s right! In addition, you can easily find vegan hot dogs and other versions made with special sausages.

Rio Grande do Sul is next on our list, you can eat the traditional German hot dog, which is made with sauerkraut.

In Santa Catarina, the sandwich is made of pão frânces (baguette), sauerkraut with tomato sauce and dark mustard. Simply delicious!

Hot Dog, Uai!

Our last stop is in Southeast Brazil. In Minas Gerais the hot dog is amazing.

Thus, it basically has Panela – AKA Rapadura (it is unrefined whole cane sugar), pepper pout, green pepper, as well as bacon and corn.

In Rio de Janeiro, you can find a bit of everything, like raisins, quail eggs, olives and pepperoni in the sandwich. The sausage becomes a mere detail.

When we go to São José do Rio Preto, it’s common to see shredded chicken, ground beef and bacon in your hot dog and, in São Paulo, it is out of this world.

That’s because the hot dog is very famous and typical in São Paulo. It has A LOT of mashed potatoes, mustard, corn, peas and straw potatoes.

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And you… did you already know this big difference between the types of hot dogs in Brazil? Tell us in the comments!

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