Vegan Burger in Vila Madalena – São Paulo

Visint São Paulo and looking for Vegan food?

My sister wanted to do something special for her birthday that involved good food and vegetarianism, and that’s how we discovered a delicious vegan burger in Vila Madalena.

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Who is my brother?

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Vegan Burger in Vila Madalena

We went to this beautiful hamburger place in Vila Madalena that had a very nice proposal about veganism. It is named Peace Burger, you can get to know them better by clicking here.

The place

The place itself was cute.

There were very cute signs everywhere, and the chairs varied from beach chairs, poufs and colorful stools, which gave a unique personality to the place, bringing grace and an amazing energy.

source: peace.burger

The localization

The burger place is a 6-minute drive from the Vila Madalena subway and a 15-20 minute walk from the subway to the venue.

More specifically located at:

Rua Delfina 101, in Vila Madalena.

Close to the vegan hamburger place, Peace Burger, there are several bars and restaurants, and it is also a very quiet and pleasant street to go for a walk and visit some of the stores in the area.

Over there, there are still 3 small squares – very nice to sit and enjoy the afternoon. The closest one is Praça Éder Sader.

source: peace.burger

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The price

Prices are fair and affordable, not expensive, especially for being vegan food.

Hamburgers ranged from 20.00 to 35.00 reais (from $4 to $7 dollars), while the combos were on average 45.00 reais ($9 dollars) containing the burgers, french fries and a beverage.

The burgers were different and colorful as well as the establishment, the mayonnaise and bread had colors like pink, blue and green, making the experience even funnier.

source: peace.burger

We didn’t try the Milk Shake, but it looked great, as well as the brownie for dessert.

In addition, they also had alcoholic beverages, such as their gin and tonics, which are very pretty and cost 26.60 reais (less than $5 dollars).

The space is incredible to have a family lunch, as we did, but also to hang out with friends, eat delicious vegan food and go for a date.

I believe that the great location is still a bonus to enjoy even more night or day!

source: peace.burger

I highly recommend this place and this experience, plus they are also available on Ifood!

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