What is Asado de tira – Short ribs? Typical Uruguayan dish

Uruguay is a wonderful country, with a charming coastline and culturally rich, everyone already knows that. But when it comes to gastronomy, it is clear that it stands out, even more so when we’re talking about barbecues! Therefore, today we’re going to answer: What is Asado de tira – Short ribs? a typical Uruguayan dish!

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Asado is basically a name given to the famous Parrillas, which by the way is a type of barbecue that enchants anyone!

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But what is so different about Asado de tira – Short ribs? I know you must be curious about this.

If we are doing an exclusive article for it, I can assure you that this dish will surprise you!

Before we get down to business, let me remind you of one thing: this dish is just one of many other typical Uruguayan dishes.

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All about the Asado de tira – Short ribs

Asado de tira is extremely similar to what we know as a short ribs, and it is one of the most traditional types of barbecue in Uruguay.

It is cut horizontally, ensuring excellent flavor and good succulence.

But we know very well that for a barbecue to be complete, well seasoned meat and good side dishes are also important, right?

For this reason, Asado de tira is usually served with a portion of french fries or something similar.

Source: Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/diametrik/2270331970)

It is seasoned with provolone cheese, green leaves, fine salt, black pepper, and it may include cognac, dry wine and soy sauce in its recipe.

But of course, those last ingredients that I mentioned (mainly the alcoholic ones) are optional and it depends on your taste.

So, have you ever eaten Asado de tira? Feel like trying it? Tell me here in the comments!

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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