Curiosities about Guarana

You may have heard of Guarana before, but do you know where it comes from and its story? That’s why today’s post is: curiosities about guarana, a small fruit found in Brazil and Venezuela.

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Guaraná is not only the name of the most famous Brazilian soft drink, but also the name of a typical Amazonian fruit.

It contains a substance called guaraine, which is very similar to caffeine, this substance is the reason why guaraná is commonly found in the composition of syrups, bars, powders and sodas, such as Guaraná Antarctica and Fanta Guaraná (a product of the Coca-Cola Company).

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Predominantly orange and black, Guaraná has been consumed for many years, primarily by the indigenous inhabitants of the regions where the Guarana bushes grew, who were interested in its stimulating property.

Guaraná, as it is popularly known, comes from Tupi, Wara’ná, its scientific name is, in fact, Paullinia cupana. The fruit grows in clusters and increases mental and muscular endurance when eaten.

In addition to being delicious, several artists use guarana to make crafts, the seeds are roasted and ground, turning into accessories, ornaments and sculptures.

The Amazonian fruit is very famous in northern and northeastern Brazil, there is a party to celebrate its cultivation, which takes place in Maués, a municipality in Amazonas. There are also many native indigenous who have a very special connection with the spice, some of them consider it sacred.

Legend – Curiosities about Guaraná

There is a legend about the origin of Guaraná, in which there was an Indigenous couple, in Maué, who had a son loved by all, who was a possible future warrior leader. Due to this, the God of Evil, Jurupari, got jealous of him.

One day, the boy was distractedly picking fruit, when Jurupari turned into a serpent and killed him. After nightfall, the couple were worried about their child’s delay, so the tribe began to look for him.

When they found him, it began to storm, lightning struck the ground, almost hitting the body of the little kid, scaring everyone. It was when the mother said “…Tupã is the one who has pity on us. He wants us to bury my son’s eyes, so that a fruit tree will grown, which will be our happiness”.

Therefore, the members of the tribe buried the boy’s eyes. So, a beautiful guarana tree grew, the fruits were shaped like human eyes.


Medicine – Curiosities about Guarana

In addition to all this, the fruit is also used for medicinal purposes, with energy, diuretic, analgesic properties. For that reason, it is used to treat depression, headaches, diarrhea, relieving symptoms of hemorrhoids and colic.

Paullinia cupana also helps to lose weight, as it increases metabolism.

And these are some of the many curiosities and applications of this delicious and interesting fruit.

How about you? Have you ever tried this fruit? Did you like these curiosities about Guarana? Did you like it? Tell us in the comments.

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