How Did Caipirinha Come About?

The caipirinha, which in its original recipe uses cachaça, sugar and lemon, is the most famous cocktail in Brazil.

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But first, let me explain what exactly is cachaça, cachaça is an alcoholic drink made from the sugar cane juice, this drink is similar to rum, it also originated in brazil.

Very popular around the world and the Brazilians favorite, you can find this drink in all bars, clubs and restaurants.

Despite its fame, its origin is not so popular. On October 24, 2019, the caipirinha was declared intangible heritage of Rio de Janeiro.

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How Did Caipirinha Come About?

Popular legend of its origin

According to the popular version, the caipirinha was created by the farmer Paulo Vieira, as a medicine, in 1918 in the city of Piracicaba, in the state of São Paulo.

According to the story, some of Paulo Vieira’s workers fell ill due to the Spanish flu.

In his initial recipe, he added lemon, garlic and honey, and instead of using alcohol, like real alcohol, Paulo Vieira used cachaça.


After a while, they removed the garlic and honey and added sugar to sweeten this drink.

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Different legends of how caipirinha come about

Residents of Paraty say that caipirinha emerged there, the sailors mixed cachaça and lemon as a way to avoid scurvy.

There are other legends that claim that the caipirinha originated in the countryside, and that legend explains the name caipirinha, which would be a variation of caipira, which means bumpkin in English .

In this legend, they used the mixture of alcohol to help the use of lemons in curing the flu.

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