How did the Coxinha Come About?

Coxinha is one of the most popular foods in Brazil, being present at several birthday parties, especially children’s.

Coxinha is a fried dough stuffed with chicken and a typical Brazilian cheese. It is shaped in a drumstick form, that is where the name came from (coxinha in english is little thigh).

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Like any other food commented so far, its origin is unknown, leaving only a few legends to tell its story.

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Legend of how the coxinha came about

The first legend is kind of dubious, it says that coxinha appeared in Limeira, in the 19th century.

They say that at Fazenda Morro Azul the imperial nobility hid a boy with a mental disability. This would be the son of Princess Isabel and Count D’Eu, heir of the Empire of Brazil.

This child required intense care in feeding, eating only chicken thighs.

After not having enough chicken thighs to give the boy, the cook prepared a potato dough, shredded all the chicken and recreated a chicken drumstick.

According to legend, Princess Isabel’s son loved the recipe and started asking for the chicken coxinha.

Story of coxinha – another legend of its origin

The other legend says that the coxinha appeared in São Paulo, in the 20th century.

In the industrial region of São Paulo, workers ate food in stalls, which sold food at lower prices.


These workers used to eat fried pieces of chicken at the stalls during their lunch break.

That way, someone had the idea of ​​shredding the chicken, putting it in the potato dough and frying it, to sell it at the doors of these factories. Becoming a huge success.

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Not a Brazilian origin – how the coxinha came about

Some historians believe that the coxinha is a recipe adapted from French cuisine. Being the work of French chef Antonin Carême.

His story is not clear, but one thing is for sure, this food is delicious!

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