Most famous Fruits of the Cerrado – Brazil

The Cerrado is a biome with a vast savanna ecoregion. It is a biodiversity hotspot, as there are species not found elsewhere, so today we are going to get to know the most famous fruits of the Cerrado.

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Most famous fruits of the Cerrado and their uses:

1- Pequi

Pequi, also known as souari nut, is a very popular fruit in the local cuisine and is often used to make liqueurs and sweets, to preserve the fruit and to use in the preparation of rice, hamburgers and many other foods.

In addition, due to the high lipid levels found in pequi, its combined use with other sources of oils becomes promising for the production of biodiesel, as a way of reducing pollutants and using a renewable source of biofuels, according to the study:  Características e potencialidades dos frutos do Cerrado na indústria de alimentos (Free traduction: Characteristics and potential of Cerrado fruits in the food industry).

Pequi Cream and Canned Pequi at the Municipal Market of São Paulo

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2- Buriti

Buriti, fruit of the moriche palm, is a nutrient-rich fruit due to its high concentration of antioxidants, vitamin C and among other components, which makes it suitable for use in the composition of other foods in the food industry considered healthier.

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3- Mangaba

Mangaba is one of the most famous fruits of the cerrado, widely used in the production of jelly and ice cream, as it has the ability to retain flavor and inhibit crystallization.

4- Araticum

A word of Tupi origin, translated as “soft fruit” in English, the tree can reach up to 8 meters in height.

The local population consumes and commercialize pequi in street markets and bazaars organized by them. It is common to use it in the preparation of juices, liqueurs, sweets, jellies, pies and yogurts.

5- Guariroba

Gueroba, also known as guariroba, is among the most famous fruits of the cerrado.

This fruit has a sweet taste and slightly laxative effect, having good medicinal properties for gastrointestinal treatment, such as diarrhea.

Its leaves can be used during baths to relax muscles and relieve pain.

In addition, it is also used to make jellies, ice cream, juices, liqueurs and puddings.

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gueroba (guariroba)

6- Baru 

Baru nuts, Dipteryx alata, taste similar to peanuts and are great sources of iron and zinc. Which is why it is now part of some anemia treatments.

Besides that, it presents substances such as omega-6 and omega-9, which are important for the prevention of hypertension and reduction of total and LDL cholesterol.

They also contribute to the healing process and reduce hair loss.

These were just some of the famous fruits of the Cerrado, a biome full of species that are indispensable for the Brazilian fauna and flora. As well as for medical treatments, food preparation and conservation, among other extremely important functions.

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