The history of coffee in Brazil

Coffee is a very popular product in Brazil, being often associated with the image of our country.

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It was and is part of the Brazilian economy, but it had its heyday in the period from 1800 to 1930.

However, coffee is not a product of Brazilian origin. It was brought and introduced in Brazilian territories.

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The arrival of coffee in Brazilian territory

Coffee arrived in Brazil through the sergeant major, Francisco de Mello Palheta, a sergeant who went to French Guiana, at the behest of the governor of Grão-Pará and Maranhão, with the intention of bringing this product here.

In 1727, coffee arrived in the state of Belém, in the north of the country. At that time, coffee already had great commercial value.


The history goes that Palheta approached the wife of the governor of Cayenne, capital of French Guiana, and clandestinely obtained a seedling of Arabica coffee, this seedling was brought to Brazil hidden in his luggage.

In this way, thanks to brazilian excellent climatic conditions for this type of production, coffee cultivation has spread to several Brazilian states.

Thus, several regions of Brazil, mainly Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, began to produce and export coffee.

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The Legend of Coffee – the history of coffee in Brazil

The most popular legend of the coffee discovery.

In the legend, a shepherd named Kaldi, who lived in the region that is now Ethiopia, observed that his goats changed their behavior, becoming more cheerful and euphoric, when consuming fruits and leaves from a bush.

After sharing his observations with another monk, he decided to taste the fruit. He ingested the product, using it as an infusion and realized that this drink gave him more energy and helped him to resist sleep more.

Thus, its story spread and became popular causing many people to want to taste this drink.

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