the project the world in sandwiches – some of the travels that i have gone and i could live some places, cultures and gastronomy 

And to pass these experiences forward arised the project the world in sandwiches 

>> Let’s talk about The World in Sandwiches?

A resume of the project the world in sandwiches 

 Even with landscapes and amazing architecture, what always surprises me are the people and what they have to offer: it goes to what they have passed through until gastronomy, where I can feel in a palpable way a little more about this baggage.

>> Follow motorcycle trip through the Latin America until Canada meeting cultures, gastronomy and people

>> Resume of the motorcycle trip doe to covid-19

The world in sandwiches 

To bring in some way these experiences arised the project The World In Sandwiches. A simple and accessible idea of doing people live the travel experiences and, mainly, the gastronomic culture transformed in delicious sandwiches, where all the recipes will have rich histories behind, beyond the unique ingredients.

Experiences: places, people, gastronomy.

Why gastronomy?

 The food is the best item to transform experiences and cultures in something palpable. The food is also affection and respect. With it I can respect what I live taking forward, these experiences that will be reinforced by recipes, images and histories on all the social networks of The World In Sandwiches. Follow on Instagram and YouTube 

The World is too rich to be unknown.

Bariloche, ArgentinaI am Rodrigo Schmiegelow (Schmi), advertising born in 86. I like to travel and meet new places and cultures since I was 11 years old. I passed through Canada, South Africa and Namibia and now I am on a motorcycle trip alone through America (follow on Instagram) to meet new places, people and simple regional gastronomy to my project The World In Sandwiches, where I will transform these experiences into delicious sandwiches.