Extreme Snow Sports 

There are many sports for you to feel the adrenaline running through your veins, and it can be practiced in the air, ground, land, sea, and so forth. But, one of the coolest places to practice extreme sports is definitely on the snow, during the winter.

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The coolest extreme sports to practice in the snow


It’s certainly a classic, everyone must have seen this sport in a movie.

It’s one of the sports I most want to practice, it’s practically snow skating.

In this sport you use a board attached to your foot to slide in the snow, being able to make jumps, maneuvers, and so on.

Skiing – Extreme snow sports

Another classic snow sport, and one of the most popular as well.

skiing – extreme snow sport

In this sport, the athlete glides on the snow using a pair of skis (blades approximately 2 meters long and 8 centimeters wide) on their feet.

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 Big Mountain Skiing

A sport to feel the adrenaline in your veins.

Basically it is skiing in a place that is not suitable for this practice, in other words, it does not have adequate markings and treatments.

On the way you can face steep places, trees, rocks and various other obstacles.

Snowmobile – Extreme snow sports

If Snowboarding looks like a skate, this one looks like a jetski.

In a snowmobile ride,  you drive a kind of snow motorcycle to explore the regions and discover the environments covered by snow.

ice climbing

This sport is nothing more, nothing less than climbing on ice walls.

If a normal climb is  already very exciting, how about this one?

This sport must be practiced with proper equipment and a guide to help you on this adventure.

Snowkiting – Extreme snow sports

This sport is the winter version of kitesurfing. However, the surfboard is replaced by a snowboard or ski.

snowkiting – extreme snow sport

You can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour, all while the wind blows your kite and you surf on the snow.

These extreme sports require some care and preparation before practicing, always follow the guide’s instructions.

Many of these sports have different variations and practices, so if you know any other, let us know in the comments.

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