How to organize a trip with friends

One thing that everyone likes to do is go on a trip with friends, but a big challenge is to organize everything so that everything goes according to plan, this way there will be no shortage of food, drink or space for anyone.

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The challenge is real, even more difficult if there are a lot of people for this trip, but in the end it’s worth it and fun is guaranteed.

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How to organize a trip with friends

Assemble a group

It is important to set up a group with all your friends who are going to travel, see who has confirmed, who is still unsure and who is not going, it is important to know how many will be able to go to understand how much money will be wasted.

Set the values ​​– a trip with friends

Talk to your friends and see how much money each one can give, get in an agreement, which should be accessible to everyone.

Where will you stay?

Do you go to someone’s house? Need to rent? It is important to know where you will be staying.

If you are going to rent, is there room for everyone? You have to think about where each one will be.

If you are going to rent, I recommend  Airbnb. On this site, in addition to being able to see what the house is like, you can talk to the owner, see if it is possible to have a party, loud music, and so on.

Transport – a trip with friends

It’s important to decide how you’re getting to your destination, will you be traveling by bus? Car? Train? It is important to decide, because, in addition to entering the expenses, you have to know how you are going to get there and how long it takes.


If you go by car, you have to see the cost of tolls and gasoline, who goes in each car and what time each car goes.

If you are traveling by bus, I recommend that you look in advance. It is important to know if you will have a ticket for the day you intend to go and also how to get from the bus station to the place of stay.

Drinks and food – a trip with friends

It is interesting to know what each one eats or drinks, but I recommend buying the simplest one, which takes less work.

Buy rice, pasta, ready-made sauce, sausage, bread, and hamburger. These are some simple, practical and cheap things to buy. Don’t forget to buy salt, sugar, oil, all the commodities.

Buying the drink, will you have an alcoholic drink? How many of your friends consume alcohol? It is interesting to always have juice, soda and water. If you are going to buy drinks in large quantities, I recommend that you buy from a wholesaler.

food and drink
food and drink

Of course, here is just an idea to spend less time and money, each one plans a type of trip.

Don’t forget to take it with you going on a trip with friends.

It is important to remember, when you are organizing to travel with your friends, to know if the place has a towel, if you need to bring a blanket, toilet paper, or water. These are the things we always end up forgetting.

Airplane trip

If you are going on a trip that needs to take a plane, whether international or national, I recommend that you buy it with your friends on the Hurb website.

They have a lot of cheap packages, which, when buying with 2 or more people, have a discount.

If you prefer to do otherwise, I recommend that you buy the tickets and book the hotel together, to go on the same day and stay at the same hotel.

Decide in advance the tours you are going to take and always carry extra money.

Have you ever been traveling with your friends? Do you have any tips to make it easier when organizing a trip with friends? Tell us in the comments!

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