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With no doubt one of the best books I’ve ever read!

Amyr Klink manages to take you with him on his craziest challenge ever: crossing the South Atlantic Ocean from Namibia to Brazil in a tiny rowing boat.

Imagine, almost 6,500 kilometers of crossing.

In One Hundred Days Between Sea and Sky, Amyr Klink writes about this experience in detail.

The book starts before he even embarks, in its differential to achieve this feat: planning.

It took years of studies at a time when there was no internet.

He traveled the world to program every detail of this journey, becoming the first person to make this cross the = Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat after many others who have tried.

He also writes the crossing in detail in the book 100 days between the sea and sky, telling about whales that followed him, sharks that scared him at first, cleaning the boat in the middle of the sea and many other events that held my attention from the beginning to the end. 

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Another thing that drew my attention was the partnership that Amyr Klink did with a food company to ensure his survival on his trip. It is worth reading to understand!

The book 100 days between the sea and sky is available on Amazon, click on this link.

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