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Staying in a Hostel is one of my favorite types of accommodation, but a lot of people are still afraid of this option

It gives you flexibility, lower costs and usually you will be able to know people, staying in a hostel is my main choice when traveling.

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But what is hostel

Hostel is a type of accommodation without the usual hotel services.

So there is no room service with delivery or making the beds.

When you have breakfast, it’s simpler and you wash your dishes later, among other things that are written below.

Bedrooms in Hostels

The bedroms are shared, you are not alone in the accommodation.

They usually have at least two bunk beds, so you stay in the same room with 4 people if it’s full, it can be shared with up to 30 people when they are bigger and with more beds.

Of course, in some hostels there are private rooms with a slightly higher cost, I usually see couples choosing this option.

Living areas

Another differential of these types of accommodation is the common areas, there are few that have a restaurant or offer snacks. Most of them have a shared kitchen where people can buy their foods and cook, that way they will spend less than eating out.

Hostel Rosamar

They usually have other living spaces such as living room, dining room, backyard, balcony and so forth.

Unlike hotels, which sometimes have one or another environment like this, in hostels, those areas function as living areas, made for people to live twogether, making people interact, even because the rooms are not usually so comfortable to stay when doing nothing.

hostel administration

In most of the hostels I stayed in, the owners lived or spent a good part of their time there, and they are the ones who take care of the day-to-day business.

Hostel owner and two friends I made in Praia Grande, Santa Catarina.

Currently, with the growth of platforms of exchanging services for hosting – like the Worldpackers – most of the people working on these hostings are on this type of service, so they are usually travelers too, which makes the relationship less formal.


The location is also usually a great advantage of staying in a hostel, as there are most travelers that don’t spend a lot of money, like backpackers, most of those I’ve been to were in central areas or close to the main tourist points of the cities: such as beaches, museums, streets of bars and restaurants, bus stations, so on.

This is also because the main audience for this type of accommodation does not usually travel with their own vehicles, so location counts a lot in the money saving.

Drinking Buddies I Met at The hostel

The public I’ve seen in hostels are: families, couples, people who lived there due to the cost-benefits, but the public is mostly small groups of travelers with up to 4 people and single travelers.

Hostels that usually have parties

In hostels it is also very common to have parties, from only drinking beer together to real parties in closed environments, which brings great socialization among guests.

why stay in hostel

As I like to travel alone, I choose to stay in a hostel because of all the points mentioned above:

  • Cost-effective – at most, hostels reach 40% of the daily rate of a motel.
  • Friendships – there are a lot of people traveling alone or in small groups, it is a good way to make new friends for a have beer or go to trips;
  • Location – the less I need to take transport to see the places, the less I usually spend;
  • Possibility of cooking – on my Motorbike Trip through South America, cooking was crucial to eating a little healthier while spending less.

The advantages of staying in a hostel can also be disadvantages, it’s worth see if this the prons and cons before traveling to see how much it’s worth because:

  • Bathrooms are also shared;
  • If you’re woken up easily, sharing a room with someone can take your rest away;
  • Due to the central location, most do not have parking facilities – traveling by motorbike was hard sometimes;
  • Parties can also take your peace out, so it’s good to check out if it’s a quieter hostel or one that organizes events before making a reservation.

I rather this type of accommodation

It’s still my favorite type of accommodation, but in some moments of the trip that I mentioned (my Motorbike Trip through South America), I chose to stay in a house because of the parking of the bike and to rest a little more, camping is also a good option and they offer me a little more of privacy when tired.

But in general I like to stay in a hostel.

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