7 places to go on a day trip in São Paulo

With the pandemic ending, we are able to go on with our lives like we used to do. Due to that, we want to fulfill our desire to travel, or to leave home; and what’s the best way to do this if it’s a day trip in São Paulo?

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See now 7 cities for you to go on a One-day trip in São Paulo:

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See now 7 cities for you to go on a day trip in São Paulo

Aparecida do Norte

Aparecida do Norte is a religious city, which has a big importance to people and Catholics.

This place is approximately 2 hours from the city of São Paulo, making it an ideal tour for you to do in one day.

There, you can visit the Nova Basilica, the Velha Basilica (Catholic Cathedral), go on the cable car and walk along the Passarela da Fé (a structure – bridge –  that connects the Basilica with the Santuário Nacional (national sanctuary)

It is an ideal place to refresh your energy and your faith.


Atibaia is a city very close to the city of São Paulo, about 1 hour and 10 minutes away.

It’s a very quiet city with a very nice structure.

There, it is possible to go on a cable car ride, take a water pedal boat, walk around the city or climb the Pedra Grande (A huge rock), which has a breathtaking landscape.

Embu das Artes

Featuring architecture in the Baroque style of São Paulo, this city is approximately 1 hour and 6 minutes from São Paulo, being ideal for a very pleasant and fun day.

Its biggest attraction is the outdoor market that takes place in the city center. This outdoor market happens on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, appealing to all styles and tastes.

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Day trip in São Paulo – Guaruja


Located on the coast of São Paulo, the city of Guarujá is ideal for those who like the beach.

Just 1 hour and 40 minutes away from the city of São Paulo, Guarujá has around 27 beaches of all styles, calm sea beaches, with rough seas for surfing, beaches that you can only reach by trails, among others.

Ideal for spending a summer day in this city, but beware of the traffic, this city is crowded during the season and on hotter holidays.


city of Holambra

It’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen, it has impeccable Dutch-style architecture.

Ideal for romantics, being located 2 hours from the city of São Paulo, being the furthest destination on this publication.

There are many things to do there, but my recommendation is to visit the windmill (Moinho de Vento). It’s possible to see inside it and also see a beautiful view of the entire city, and if you’re lucky you can watch the sunset.

Recommendation: try to get there early in the morning, because everything closes very early there, around 6 pm.


One day trip in São Paulo – Indaiatuba

indaiatuba deck

Indaiatuba is a country town that is an excellent option for a day trip. This city is 1 hour and 40 minutes away from São Paulo.

The city is great for a family trip, Indaiatuba has a gigantic ecological park located in the city centre.

It is a very well-structured city and it has a lot of green area, it has an extravagant beauty.

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Vinhedo is another ideal city to visit, and unfortunately the last one we will mention in this publication, it is 1 hour and a half away from São Paulo.

There, you can go to Hopi Hari, an amazing amusement park. It has a lot of cool attractions and roller coasters that make you breathless.

There’s also Wet’n Wild, a very fun water park, many water slides that give butterflies. 

Fun is guaranteed.

Tell me in the comments, have you ever visited any of these cities?

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