Araçatiba Cove – Enseada de Araçatiba in Ilha Grande

We all know that Rio de Janeiro is a true example when it comes to having incredible beaches, and of course Ilha Grande, an island in Rio de Janeiro surrounded by beaches, can prove it easily! Today we are going to talk about Araçatiba Cove – Enseada de Araçatiba, in Ilha Grande!

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Ilha Grande is a paradise in Southeast Brazil, about 150 kilometers away from Angra dos Reis.

There are more than 100 beaches available for you to visit on this island, so of course it is worth knowing more about these options for your trip!

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However, today we will be talking about one of these beaches in particular, Enseada de Araçatiba or Araçatiba Cove, which by the way is the second most famous beach for tourists.

Of course, we’re already going to show you why it stands out so much, in addition to talking about its sand, its waters, and especially, how to get there!

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All about Araçatiba Cove – Enseada de Araçatiba

How to get there?

If you want to get to Ilha Grande, you have three main options:

  • Mangaratiba downtown: the one closest to Rio de Janeiro, transfer in a CCR barca – ferry
  • Conceição de Jacareí: a neighborhood in Mangaratiba that borders Angra dos Reis; it has the greatest option of schedules with schooners and fast boats
  • Angra dos Reis downtown: the one closest to São Paulo; transfer in a CCR barca – ferry, schooners and fast boats.

However, if you want to go to Enseada de Araçatiba – Araçatiba Cove, you can only board in the city of Angra dos Reis!

Why does Enseada de Araçatiba – Araçatiba Cove stand out so much?

It’s time for you to understand why this beach is one of the most famous in the region.

Araçatiba cove

Enseada de Araçatiba is a less crowded beach than many others on the island. Its waters are calm and green, which is a very important detail!

I say that it is important because these characteristics contribute to the local nature, which by the way is wonderful and enchants tourists!

In the sea it is possible to see fish, turtles, stingrays and other types of marine life.

There are also some options for ecological tours.

And before you ask yourself, the beach is suitable for bathing! You can practice floating, go diving and venture out in a kayak, for example.

It is definitely a place worth visiting! There are also several options for inns and restaurants, you’re going to enjoy it!

Our purpose with this article is to make sure you are aware of the countless options of beaches available and Ilha Grande, an amazing paradise.

And most importantly, that you understand why you need to visit Araçatiba Cove, one of the local paradises.

Thank you and see you!

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