Azeda and Azedinha Beaches, two paradises in Búzios

When we think of a trip to Rio de Janeiro, more precisely to Búzios, it is impossible not to think of the paradisiacal beaches that are there, isn’t it? For this reason, today we are going to talk about Azeda Beach and Azedinha Beach (Praia Azeda and Praia Azedinha)!

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These two beaches are simply enchanting all tourists who ever pass by!

Its peculiar features such as the golden sand, the contact with nature, the warm and crystalline waters, has become the dream of consumption of beach lovers.

Oh, and so you don’t get confused, Azeda Beach and Azedinha Beach are different beaches!

Azedinha takes its name because it is a continuation of Azeda (azedinha is a diminutive of azeda in Portuguese), being separated by a strip of stones.

It is also worth remembering that as much as our article is about these two beaches, there are countless amazing beaches in Búzios!

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Before we show you some important points about Azeda and Azedinha Beaches, let me introduce myself.

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What is good to know when visiting Azeda Beach – Praia Azeda?

1. What to do there

Azeda Beach is very popular for families.

The sea water, in addition to being warm and crystal clear, is also very calm. Another factor is that the strip of sand on this beach is narrow.

azeda and azedinha

Because to it, both Azeda and Azedinha Beaches are not recommended for sports and runs.

They are perfect to sit and relax, enjoy the local beauty, take good photos and enjoy with the family!

2. When is the best time to visit?

As we said, Azeda Beach is very popular for tourists, and it has a narrow strip of sand.

So, it is kind of possible to deduce that it is quite crowded, often making it difficult for you to find a place to sit.

But don’t worry, this won’t be the end of the world!

If you want to enjoy this beach, we recommend that you visit it during the week, it’s much emptier than usual.

Or, what would be even better, you can take a trip out of season (other than during the vacation months – July, December and January), but of course, only if you have the opportunity.

If you don’t have those chances, we recommend that you go to the beach in the morning, so you can secure your space before the beach fills up!

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3. Curiosities

A very important fact about Azeda Beach is the access to it.

To get there, you can go by sea, by aqua taxis, or by a trail, which starts at Bones Beach – Praia dos Ossos.

An interesting historical question is why the beach has that name.

In the past, there was a plantation of citrus and very sour fruits on that place.

Because of this, the beach was named Azeda, which means sour in English!

Our purpose with this article is to introduce you to Azeda and Azedinha Beaches, showing why they are so admired!

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Thanks and have a nice trip!

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