body pain after riding

body pain after riding

Facing the road to reach a new destination is one of the most important parts of this digital nomad journey, after all, it’s not a secret that I’m passionate about motorcycles and the adventures it gives me. However, after hours and hours of driving, it is not difficult to feel the body hurt, but with these tips to not feel pain in the body after riding that I will share with you in the following lines, everything will be clear and you will feel less tired on your next trip.

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As my area is communication and marketing, I decided to talk to those who really understand this to prepare quality content.

So, I had a chat with the physical therapist Ana Elisa, who taught me a lot!

She commented on points I hadn’t even thought about. They opened my horizons and will help me a lot on my next trips.

So, have a great read!

Benefits of riding a motorcycle

For starters, I’ll quickly emphasize the good part of this conversation. Ergonomics when traveling by motorcycle is very important to escape bad experiences after hours on the road.

But, according to the physical therapist, when we do everything right, by creating the habit of riding a motorcycle, we guarantee benefits that extend throughout our lives.

Among them, she highlighted the trunk control we need to ride a motorcycle safely. In addition, she pointed out the abdominal strength that we gained throughout the experience with motorcycles and, mainly, the peripheral vision that we gained every day.

So, the good part is that you can avoid body pain after riding. And this practice can contribute to our personal and professional life. Riding a motorcycle is definitely all good!

So, let’s go to the ergonomics tips for riding a motorcycle!

Tip 1: to escape the pain in the body after riding, it is necessary to escape the sedentary lifestyle

That is it guys, there’s no way to escape. A sedentary lifestyle negatively impacts our health in many ways and also makes life on the road more challenging.

Ana Elisa pointed out something important. If we practice a regular activity, such as a walk for 20 minutes a few days a week, it helps to avoid body pain after riding.

The ideal thing is that we also do exercises to work the muscles of the abdomen and trunk, parts of our body that we put more strength in when riding. For this, bodybuilding is an excellent way.

Tip 2: Ergonomics enemy when traveling by motorcycle: sitting for hours

They have trips that can last for days! When we go over the limit and drive for hours at a time, it’s very easy for us to feel pain in our body after riding.

In other words, the position we are in on the bike is much worse than that of a work chair.

We can adjust our position according to the discomfort we feel and, first, the adrenaline of the moment can make us feel no pain at all.

Therefore, in order not to overload our back, Ana Elisa recommends that we stop every two hours.

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Tip 3: Stopping is not enough, you need to stretch – body pain after riding

Staying in the same position for a long time can put our circulatory health at risk. When sitting, blood can accumulate in the region of our feet, which makes it so important to stretch during your breaks.

The physical therapist points out that 15 minutes are enough to stretch the body, stretch legs, feet, calves, spine and arms for your body to invigorate, getting ready for the next stretch.

We leave here a video with some stretching tips.

It seems irrelevant. But by adopting these practices that the professional shared with us, you can avoid body pain after riding, arriving at the destination with much more energy and disposition.

Did you like the tips? Then tell us in the comments the difference these care made in your life on the road!

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