Buffalo meat is the most found dish in Ilha do Marajó (Marajo Island) in Pará.

Until that day, I’d never found Buffalo meat selling like that, but as I said on this post when I went to Marajó Island, the city had buffalos instead of oxes and horses, they occupied many functions. So I found buffalo meat in Ilha do Marajó in Belém do Pará.

So. I had to try, since I am a carnivore.

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The buffalos in Ilha do Marajó (Marajo Island)

The city has around 600 thousand buffalos, one for each inhabitant of the island, this is the biggest flock of buffalos in Brazil and one of the biggest in Western. 

They are originals from Asia, according to the legend, They arrived in Amazonas after a shipwreck of a ship coming from Índia that was close to the island.

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Ilha do Marajó, a Ilha dos Búfalos no Pará
Ilha do Marajó, a Ilha dos Búfalos no Pará

Some of the animals that survived swimmed to Marajo Island and stayed there.

The farmers began to take care of those animals, seeing the opportunity to do something new, they imported more buffalos.

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The cuisine – Buffalo Meat in Ilha do Marajó (Marajo Island)

After all this story, the region was famous, Known for the buffalo meat and buffalo cheese.

Once I was there, I tried a dish with white rice, farofa (a mix of corn flour or toasted cassava) and minced buffalo meat.

Feito Vaqueiro - Carne de Búfalo na Ilha do Marajó, no Pará
Feito Vaqueiro – Carne de Búfalo na Ilha do Marajó, no Pará

As I was with a group of people, I was trying the other people ‘s meal to see how it tastes and was prepared. 

In my point of view, the meat had a strong flavor and was firm, I am not sure if this were due to the preparation from the restaurant or if it were a typical preparation from the region, because that was the only time i eated it there.

There, I’ve also eaten Túru, a white larvae found in the mango tree trunk. 

Turu, a larva dos mangues. Buffalo meat in Ilha do Marajó
Turu, a larva dos mangues

Mine was really good, it was braised and seasoned as the brazilians vinaigrette

But it is more common to ate the larvae while alive, right from the trunk

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Marajó Buffalos Curiosities 

Besides the interesting story, the buffaloes are all over the city, actually, some of them are used as transportations by the local cops.

In this post I talked a little bit more about my experience there.

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