Cascata do Caracol in Canela, Rio Grande do Sul

Cascata do Caracol, 7 km from Canela, is the second most popular natural tourist attraction in Brazil

And it’s no wonder that Cascata do Caracol receives so many visitors, its main waterfall is a 130 meter high waterfall in the middle of the Floresta de Pinheiros do Planalto Brasileiro (a forest full of pines), and it’s wonderful.

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It has two waterfalls: the upper one is a little hidden in the woods at a distance of approximately 100 meters from the second one, this in turn is quite imposing and maybe it’s the one you’ve seen in photos around.

Park full of flowers everywhere

The waterfall is insideParque do Caracol (free traduction – snail park), the access to be able to see it is very tranquil.

Inside the park are the rapids, it’s a little smaller waterfall. They also have a restaurant and craft shops.

Rapids at Caracol Park

When I went  up to the lookout, I had to pay R$ 20.00 reais (less than $ 4,00 dollars) per person, in addition to the park entrance, which I comment below.

me on top of the lookout

I didn’t think it was worth it, even though it’s a 360 view of the park, up there it’s all surrounded by glass and the height doesn’t make much difference to see the main attraction.

But I ended up not visiting the cable cars that are in another park in the region.

Parke entrance fee

Acess to the park cost R$ 20,00 per person with vehicle included, I was on a motorcycle.

Official Map of Parque do Caracol – access the website

The bad thing is that the Cascata do Caracol is not clean, such a popular tourist attraction is polluted and it was one of the reasons they spoke for not being able to make the trail to the bottom of this gigantic waterfall.


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