Cervejaria Amazon Beer (AMAZON BEER BREWERY) in Belém do Pará

Located in Belém do Pará, the Cervejaria Amazon Beer stands out among the breweries in Brazil.

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First, for using Brazilian ingredients, no, more than that, using ingredients from the Amazon, some highlights:

Stout açaí (açai)

As the name already says, it has açaí (a very common fruit from Brazil) in its composition, it was elected Best Beer of the Year 2014 at the Festival Brasileiro da Cerveja em Blumenau (Brazilian Beer Festival in Blumenau) in the state of Santa Catarina.

Ipa Cumaru

It uses the fava-de-cumaru, camuru is also known as Tonka beans is a fruit, a type of pod from the Cumaru tree that can reach 30 meters – the beer is hopped and balanced with noble malts.

Forest Bacuri

A light beer with a fruity aroma from the maturation with the Amazonian Bacuri fruit.

Red Ale Priprioca

With the addition of Priprioca, an herb from the Amazon region that exudes one of the region’s traditional perfumes.

The brewery was founded in 2000 by Arlindo Guimarães, he was already thinking about tourism in the region, so he uses the names of his products in English.

My Experience at the Cervejaria Amazon Beer 

I went to see the Cervejaria Amazon Beer (Amazon Beer Brewery) on my first day in the city, I tried a lot of different flavors, I remember the açaí beer well, it was the most memorable flavor.

Tucupi-Pastel-(pastel_is_a kind_of_pastry)-at-the-Estacao-das-Docas
tucupi pastel

I went there with Milla, the same company from Ilha do Marajó, do you remember? To accompany the beer, we ordered a delicious portion of mini shrimp pastéis (pastries) with tucupi (in resume, tucpi is  sauce extracted from wild manioc root), get to know what it is, and jambu, the herb that numbs the mouth.

You’ve already tried some of Amazon Beer’s craft beers, let me know if you liked it!

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